Review: ‘Concussion’ Doesn’t Hit Hard Against NFL but an American Dream is Realized & CTE Becomes Real

“Tell the truth” – Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith) From the first time I saw the trailer for the movie Concussion that scene stood out the most to me. Hype surrounding the movie promised a film taking on the mighty NFL and exposing the world to CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and it’s affect on our beloved football stars. While it indeed tackled that issue (how strongly is subjective), what I also drew from it was the story of a man trying to live the American dream.

Review: Violence, Mystery & Comedy Combine to Make Tarantino’s Intriguing ‘The Hateful Eight’

As with many Quentin Tarantino films, a mixture of gore and comedy make up this feature The Hateful Eight. There is no good versus evil in this Western whodunit type film; each character is despicable in their own way, some more than others.

(Photo) Don’t Get It Twisted: Hot 97 Could Be NYC’s Top Hip-Hop Radio Station Says Program Director!

Unless you have been living in a cave, you must know about Hot 97 and how poppin’ they get especially when it comes to giving their audience what they want! Music, realness, exclusive interviews and Summer Jam… come on. So it should come as no surprise that Program Director, Jay Dixon, believes that Hot 97 could dethrone Z100. More details after the jump!

(Photos) Charge Key Might Be The Only USB Cable You’ll Ever Need!!

While I was at CES I ran into hundreds of people, and some were there to show their wonderful products off, but most came to see them. The best thing of course was actually being able to try the products out for yourself, which was super limited due to hundreds if not thousands trying to be the next one to do so. As I was there as press, some manufacturers wanted me to see the products a little closer, and that’s what brings us here.

(VIDEO) Lil Wayne Adds WHO To “America’s Most Wanted” Music Festival?!

To find out which New Orleans artist Lil Wayne has added to the “America’s Most Wanted” music festival, hit the jump!

(VIDEO) Machine Gun Kelly Releases “Operation: Scream” From His Up-Coming Mix-Tape

Badboy/ Interscope recording artist MGK is hard at work on his anticipated mix-tape “Black Flag.” The second “strike” this “Wild Boy” artist released is called “Operation: Scream.” Hit the jump for more!

Tech Talk Review: IFWT Goes Hands On The Jabra “Solemate” Wireless Portable Speaker!!!!

S/O the Boss Man Ebro on this Hook Up!!! Alright, I am Very Excited about this piece of Technology!! Jabra is shaking things up in the Audio world with the “Solemate” Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, ‘The Ultimate Portable Speaker’, and I got a chance to get my ‘hands on’ this bad boy, and I’m blown away about how Dope it is!!! Hit the Jump for the Goods!!! Wza

XXL Review: Slaughterhouse “Rips” InFlexWeTrust Concert At BB King’s In NYC

Last night, IFWT presented Slaughterhouse at BB Kings in NYC. XXL was in the building to catch the show, and served up their opinion of how the House Gang “ripped” it. Check out their review below. Funk Flex

Tech Talk Review: IFWT Puts Hands On The Retina Macbook Pro!!!!

O…k..k..k..I just figured since Love & Hip Hop ATL was running with Lil Scrappy, we could hear that…No, Ok Let’s move on. As you can See by the Pic above, the Apple Store is All about the NEW Retina Macbook Pro, So we went in to Chek it out!! Hit the Jump. Tat Wza

Tech Talk Review: Make Sure You Get The @Hot97 Summer Jam Channel On @TuneIn !!!!!

This is A Premium Radio App, and to be honest, I’m a little Jealous because I had this very same idea about a year ago, but they obviously were working on it longer than that, And could possibly put satellite radio out of business, and Give Terrestrial Radio a Great Advantage!!! Hit the Jump. Tat WZA

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