Lady Gaga’s New Perfume to Smell Like Blood?!?…and Semen?!?!

Someone please tell me this is a joke because that is BEYOND disgusting and I think I’m going to be sick. In the fall of last year, Gagaloo signed with major fragrance company Cody to create fragrances under her name. The first one will launch in Spring 2012….but sources are reporting it will be no ordinary smell. Word is her camp is saying it smells like bodily fluids….namely blood and semen!! What in the world?! For selling purposes, I hope it’s at least floral scented blood and semen :-/ Ugh…gross. @MarisaMendez

Officially a Couple??? Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

Oh boy! Earlier this morning I noticed a tweet from the Taylor Gang general starting with his usual “waken..baken..” but this one ended with “got tha hottest chick in the game reppin my gang” I had no idea who he was talking about but RT’d it anyway..LOL. Then the homie KC called my attention to Amber Rose’s tweet (who Wiz has been spotted with a lot lately) where she wrote, “I need my baby…I’m so in LOVE I don’t care what anyone says that’s my baby I found happiness my heart is with Cam. #TAKEOVA” For those that don’t know…Wiz’s real name is Cameron. Oh boy! What do you think of this potential couple?? I say…cute!!! @MarisaMendez

(Video) Did T-Pain Just Get #SignedToYoungMoney?? Check Out His New Chain!

In a Vlad TV interview with jewelers Rafaello & Co., they show a Young Money chain apparently made for singer T-Pain, and announce he is the newest member to sign to Weezy’s growing roster. While no official word has come from either camp, the move does seem to make sense. Pain is a frequent collaborator of Wayne’s, as they’re all based out of Miami. A match made in auto-tune heaven? We’ll soon see! @MarisaMendez

Facebook launching “Gmail Killer”?????

Ok so Facebook is having another event, the last one threw out a loose diss, But the tech world is full of speculation on this one, rumor has it they have been working on a full email service complete with address’s, It’s invite only just like Gmail was initially and is supposed to be called the “Gmail Killer” Internally! Well they would have to offer A LOT to take down Gmail, because gmail bodied aol, hotmail, and in my opinion yahoo too!!! this rumor mostly stems from the invite having email and chat symbols on it, and you know how the tech world likes to drop sneaky hints, We will mos def keep our eye’s and ear’s to the ground on this one!!!! @TatWza

Did Kanye Choke Amber Rose????

As Kanye said in his recent interview with IFWT he Raps Reality, and these are the lyrics from his song “Blame Game” “You weren’t perfect but you made life worth it Stick around, some real feelings might surface Been a long time since I spoke to you in a bathroom gripping you up and choking you What the hell was I supposed to do I know you ain’t getting this type of d**k from that local dude And if you are I hope you are have a good time Cause I’ll definitely be having mine” A lot of the stuff in his rhymes have popped up in real life like that infamous photo(also in the song “Runaway”) So was he talking about Amber, and if not, who did he Choke up??? In the mean time listen out for that song and tell us what you think?!?! @TatWza

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