(Photos) In Pets We Trust: Joe Budden Spends QT With His Cane Corso; Kaylin Garcia Cops A New Puppy

They may not be together anymore, but they still have things in common…like loving dogs! Joe Budden showed some love to his dog Brooklyn on Instagram earlier today, a 2-year-old Cane Corso that he added to his family (that included a Grey Nosed Pit named Harlem) in 2011. Shortly following his post, Joe’s ex Kaylin Garcia showed off her new purchase, a cute little terrier she affectionately named Toto, clearly after the movie, Wizard Of Oz. Check out the reality stars and their pets in the gallery!

(Video) Woman Brings Baby Rats On NYC Subway?!?

Sh*t you only see in NYC–a woman casually carrying 8 baby rats AND cleaning the rat cage right on the subway. Check out this ridiculous video after the jump.

Woman Killed By Pit Bull Despite Help From Brave Family

Claudia Gallardo was killed by a Pit Bull named Russia in Stockton, California even after Juan Sanchez Sr. and his wife attempted to save the woman. The Sanchez family had just arrived at home after their youngest son’s soccer practice when they heard the woman screaming, “Russia, No! Russia, No!’ Fearing for his own life Juan Sanchez Sr. hopped a fence and started beating on the canine with a wooden plank to no avail. For the most part the damage was done, the Pit Bull would not release Gallardo even after taking impressive blows from Mr. Sanchez. Miss Gallardo’s family does not know why she was in the yard with the dog, the dog has since been seized by San Joaquin County Animal Service. Hit the jump for more.

Two-Headed Pig Born In China

According to NBC News a two-headed pig was born in China, the local vet says that the pig suffers from deformity and is unlikely to survive. The pig has two snouts, two ears and what looks to be two and a shared eye, yet only one body holds up the two heads. The deformation could be due to axial bifurcation, a process scientist named as the cause for a two-headed bull shark in a study published last month. Axial Bifurcation is a process where an embryo is dividing into two organisms but it stops and the process is incomplete. It’s awkwardly cute, and sad at the same time.

(Photos) WTF!!! Man Tattoos His Pitbull?!?

Isn’t it enough to just love your pet the way it is? A man in North Carolina decided to tattoo his American Pitbull with a bloodline emblem and her name, Duchess (which, by looking at the tattoo, seems to be spelled wrong). After he posted the photo on Facebook, it generated so much attention that the health department had to come check it out. To his credit he did apply topical anesthesia so his pup didn’t feel anything. However, tattoos for humans need to be taken care of for a few days after a tattoo, and leaving it open like it is in this photo can be dangerous. The health department left without charging him but ended up issuing a cease-and-desist order. Check out the photo in the gallery.

SMH! What Kind Of Monkey Business Is Justin Bieber Involved In Now?!

The Biebs got into a tiny bit of trouble in Germany on Thursday, but luckily it’s nowhere near the drama he’s been involved in as of late. Unfortunately, though, it leaves him with one less monkey than he started with. While going through customs at the Munich airport, Justin was confronted about his new pet (a gift from a friend), because he lacked the proper documentation. Since he couldn’t produce the paperwork, officials confiscated the little guy and took him into quarantine. Wonder if he’ll be able to get him back? At this point, he was way bigger things to worry about, so that’d be the last thing on my mind if I was Justin!

(Photos) Roadkill Couture: Bridal Gowns With Dead Animals?!?

Jess Eaton, British designer of Roadkill Couture has created a line of wedding dresses made from dead animals. The designer doesn’t kill animals though; she takes animals that have been actual roadkill and turns them into good. Would you wear it? As a bride, you would never have to worry about someone else having your dress with one of these. Check out the pictures in the gallery.

(Photo) SO Cute! Amber Rose’s Loyal Doggy Gives Her Belly Some Kisses

Amber Rose is ready to pop, now at the 9 month mark…and luckily with no stretch marks! Though her love Wiz Khalifa is in and out because of touring obligations, her loyal pooches Pauly and Franky have been by her side through the whole pregnancy, and they love their Muva very much! In a photo just posted to her Instagram account, Amb showed us Franky giving her baby bump some kisses and it’s just the cutest thing ever! Check it out, plus a few other recent pics of Amb, in the gallery.

(Video) Six Puppies, One Dish, Adorable Trick!!

These Scottish terrier Puppies are super cute, their owner filled up a dish with milk. Watch as they dine together in an orderly fashion, well, sort of. I bet you cant watch just once.

(Photo) Damn, Joe Budden’s Dog Is Practically Bigger Than Him!

Joe Budden owns 2 dogs, a blue-nosed Pit named Harlem that he’s had for many years and a cane corso named Brooklyn that he got in late 2010/early 2011. Harlem is pretty laid back and not too big, but Brooklyn is getting bigger and bigger and he pretty much trumps his owner! Check out the pic Joey posted to his Instagram last night following Love & Hip-Hop in the gallery. Sheesh! Marisa Mendez

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