Will.I.AM Wants To Sell You WHAT?!

Will.i.Am is always coming out with something different and out of the ordinary but thats what he is known and respected for. Check out what his newest idea is…

The Inventor Of The Computer Mouse Has Died.

Douglas Engelbart, who was 88, passed away yesterday from acute kidney failure. He was credited for inventing the computer mouse as well as being an early computer and internet pioneer.

Check It Out..Best Buy’s NEWEST Gadget!

Best Buy has announced that as of this Sunday they will be selling the “Pebble.” The Pebble is smart watch that receives notifications from both iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. For now it will only be available at stores in black but as of August the red one will be up for grabs as well. Hit the jump for more pics..

Contact Lens That Let You Do WHAT?

The days of squinting and binoculars are over! A team of researchers are in the process of designing the world’s first telescopic contact lens that will allow you to ZOOM IN and OUT. Hit the jump to find out more..

All iPhone Users NEED To See THIS!!!!

We all want the upmost protection when it comes to our phone but it often comes with a price. Many full protection cases are either extremely big and bulky or just really expensive. See what LifeProof has come out for the iPhone 5.

THIS Will Change the Way You Take Pictures!

We’ve all been through it, it’s night time and you try to capture the NYC skyline, moon, etc on your iPhone 5 and the flash sucks for lack of a better term. This device is said to improve the brightness up to four times MORE than your iPhone 5!

Google Is Paying People To Do WHAT?!

Google is always one step ahead of the game when it comes to giving everyone the upmost experience with anything they do. This is probably why Google is willing to pay adventurous people to travel the world to help people at home see what they see from a street view perspective. Hit the jump to find out more..

First Look At Apple’s Low-Cost Phone!

Apple is rumored to be launching a low-cost iPhone at a much more affordable price that’ll be a little more budget friendly hit the jump to see the pictures..

Apple’s Next BIG Idea!?

It is safe to say that anything Apple gets it’s hand on is pretty much a success right? So what’s this talk of an Apple iWatch, Hit the jump to find out..

Waterproof Your Phone By Using THIS!

We all know that water and electronics don’t mix but by spraying this product called “NeverWet” makes basically anything waterproof!! Hit the jump to find out more ..

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