Vine Is Now Available For WHAT Device?!

Twitter’s video app Vine is the new hype. I mean that’s why Instagram created it’s new video feature right? Hit the jump to see where Vine is going to be available on now..

Trying To Stay Healthy….Use THIS Google Search Feature!!!

Lately Google has been expanding in all aspects and now even when it comes to being more health conscious! Hit the jump to find out how Google will now be helping you count calories and stay up to date with nutritional facts.

PayPal In Outer Space..WHAT?!

With the first consumer space flight set to take off this Christmas and talks about the first hotel in space opening up within the next couple of years from a Russian company it is only right that we have money to spend up there right? Hit the jump to see how Paypal is making this happen..

Apple Is Doing WHAT Next?!

Just when you thought Apple did it all they announce their contribution to the gaming world. Hit the jump to find out more..

We’re Going To Be Able To Do WHAT On An Airplane?!

Are we FINALLY going to have the ability to use our phones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets during takeoff and landing of our flights?! Hit the jump to find out…

WTF!!! Best Buy Recalls WHAT?!?!?

Best Buy has recently recalled third party MacBook batteries. The company sold Apple customers ATG branded items to replace their MacBook stock battery.

Is Siri REALLY About To Be Your BFF?!

Getting Bullied….In a Depression….Or Life is where you want it to be?! Siri is about to be that Shoulder to Cry On!!! A new update will now better help those with suicidal thoughts, Hit the jump to find out more..

NYC About To Do WHAT To Your Phone For FREE?!

This Is F’n GREAT….New York City has released the first 25 free solar charging stations today located in all five of the boroughs, Allowing you to charge your Phone/Tablet for FREE. This means you don’t have to constantly be on the lookout for an outlet or luging around your charger. Hit the jump to find out more!

DualShock 4 And PlayStation Eye Will Cost HOW MUCH?!?!?

Sony has officially confirmed the pricing for both DualShock 4 and PlayStation Eye. The company recently revealed its latest console, PlayStation 4 which will set you back $399 when it launches later this year.

Apple’s WWDC; New Mac’s, OSX, and iOS 7!!!!

Went Down in California, Apple’s WWDC is Back at it….This June it’s all about the Software, Let’s hear about the iOS, Mac OSX, and possible iRadio iTunes Radio Announcement, after the jump!

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