Tech Talk News: RIM Releases Teaser Of New BB10 Device

With the little faith people have in RIM’s Blackberry, with little over a month left before RIM launches it new BB10 device. They uploaded a new teaser picture showing the soon to be released device. The device has the look of the Playbook (which flopped). There have been so many pictures of the device, the real info everyone wants is the actual specs of the device. Check the teaser after the break. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

WOW!!! Woman Orders An iPad From Best Buy But Gets How Many??

Alexa, with the help of her boyfriend’s mom, decided to get him an iPad for Christmas, so they ordered one from Best Buy’s website. The problem though is that she didn’t just get that one. Find out what happened after the jump. Tat Wza

(Video) OK….Will This Feature On Blackberry 10 Save RIM???

There has been some interest peaked through the Camera feature, and I guess people haven’t been disgusted with the Digital Brickish design, So Maybe RIM has a shot at bouncing back, Prob not taking any type of lead like they had, BUT a bounce back into 3rd place would be a phenomenal feat for the once leading now defunct original smartphone…Ok hit the Jump to see the New Web Browsing feature on the Blackberry 10!!!! Tat Wza

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