(Video) Terrorist Organization Puts Rare Greek Statue On eBay

2000+ year old Apollo(greek god) Staue was found in gaza, and Gaza Government, which the US considers a Terrorist organization, got it’s hands on it, and they put it on ebay for 500K. Real problem is while they wait for an offer, the statue is withering away!

(Video) The Military Is Testing Smart Rifles?!

Yes it seems so! A company TrackingPoint Inc. has developed a rifle that tracks it’s target, and it is spot on, so now the Military has bought about 6 of them to test, probably in the field.

(Video) Do You Feel The Need For A Taser Sword?!

Ok, aside from either trying to do his own low budget “Star Wars”or applying for a job at Guantanamo, what the hell will he use this for?!

(Video) Stephen Hawking Stuns The Science World By Saying ‘There Are No Blackholes’

Considering Prof. Hawkking has been a man into Black Holes for most of his career, this is def a change in his tune.

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