(Video) WOW! First Slapping A Target Employee, Now THIS?! It’s Over For Katt Williams!

When will it end?! First, Snoop wants Katt to get help, then gets arrested for slapping a target employee, canceling shows, car chases — now this?! Maybe he just needs to chill for a while cause this video really puts him over the top. It’s strange cause he claims he’s retiring but then he goes back on his retirement?! It definitely has to be a midlife crisis. Check out what he did.. after the jump! This just may be the worst one of all his crazy antics! Biz Baby

(Video) Found The Solution To Drunk Driving For Sure!!!

Yes, besides robots driving cars I think people have found the next best solution to drunk driving! In New Zealand trainers are teaching dogs how to drive! Before I saw this video I immediately disregarded this and thought the idea was bananas, but through vigorous training they actually teach dogs how to drive. Although it is for another purpose, hit the jump. Steph B

(Video) Simon Cowell Says Who Screwed Justin Bieber?!?!

In Simon Cowell’s opinion Justin Bieber deserved to be nominated for a Grammy this year. He’s not the only person that feels this way. Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager also felt JB got the shaft when the nominations came out and the pop icon wasn’t on the list for anything. Watch the video for more. PaulDaPro

(Video) Rihanna Performs At UK’s X-Factor!

Rihanna has been killing stages all over the world lately and the UK’s X-Factor stage was no exception! She tore the stage down with her sensual voice and had the fans going crazy. Hit the jump for her performance. Steph B

(Video) Young Boy Run Over By Cement Truck

Very sad to witness footage like this, everyday terror caught on video.  In this particular footage a couple kids were crossing the street when a cement truck ran over one of them. The boy was killed instantly while his friend escaped any injury. Hit the jump Steph B

(Video)Mexican Cartel Kidnapping Caught on Tape

Shocking Video of a mexican cartel kidnapping is caught on tape showing the tactical details of exactly how they do it, with a narrated breakdown. Six cars for one guy? That’s a bit excessive to me, but watch the video for more. PaulDaPro

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