Funkmaster Flex & Kool DJ Red Alert Christmas Eve Old School Mix 2010

In case you missed it, here it is! PT.1 DOWNLOAD HERE PT.2 DOWNLOAD HERE @funkmasterflex

Thought this song was fitting!!!! Sporty Thievez – No Pigeons

No Birds Allowed!! (Cop the shirts!!) DOWNLOAD @Funkmasterflex

Shaq Featuring Notorious B.I.G. CLASSIC!! -Funk Flex


Remembering John Lennon As We’re Upon the 30th Anniversary of His Death

Some might argue that John Lennon is indeed still alive, his spirit thriving in much of pop culture and musical influence. Imagine though that the life we know of Lennon today was not just an energy, but the man himself? What would John Lennon be in his 70’s? Would the Beatles have reunited? Would he still influence music, culture, politics and peace? If Paul is any indication, and for that matter what George and Ringo became, Lennon would still be very much a part of not only American culture, but you can bet he would find a way to infuse society with his take on the current terror/war gripping so much of this globe. @funkmasterflex

(Throwback Video) Diplomats – Dip Set Anthem (get you ready for their reunion show tonight!!)

Who you wit, wit? Throw up your set! DIP SET DIP SET DIP SET!! Tonight is the big reunion show going down at the Hammerstein Ballroom with Funk Flex and Hot 97…so I figured I’d throw up this classic Dip Set video to get y’all ready! Ah, the days of bandanna on everything, pink clothing for men and Girbaud jeans for days. Seemed so cool then huh? LOL. On a side note, I’m so amped about the show…Dip Set was the TRUTH when I was in high school!! Man, I thought I WAS in Dip Set LOL…I can show you some GOOFY looking pictures, let me tell ya! Ha! Anyway….if you were lucky enough to score a ticket for tonight, make sure you get there early!! @MarisaMendez

Pete Rock Mixing Live on Funkmaster Flex Hot97 Street Jams 1994

Here’s a little treat! Pete Rock mixing on Hot97 Street Jams with Funkmaster Flex in 1994. Download Here

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