Bobbi Kristina’s Casket Photo Sold To The Highest Bidder

According to the latest report on TMZ, a casket photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown has been sold to the highest bidder for six-figures. This comes shortly after reports were circulating that and ‘extended family member’ had snapped a photo of her while she laid on her deathbed. The feuding Houston and Brown families feared this would happened. Read more below.

(Video&Photos) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Drops $100K To Customize His Jeep Wrangler

Another day, another fancy whip for Floyd Mayweather … this time the luxury gearhead is going off-road, dropping some serious cash to upgrade an ordinary Jeep into a Money-worthy stunt mobile. Trust me, this is not like the other jeeps you will see on the road, not even close.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Drops $100K On Painting Showing Off His Biggest Victories

Money is obviously nothing to Floyd Mayweather at this stage of his career so he went ahead and had a painting done for about $100,000 that gave a spotlight to the biggest fights of his great career. Mayweather hooked up with famed charcoal painter Dave Hobrecht, who says Money ordered a custom piece of art a few months ago, featuring 7 fights he’s especially proud of. Among the defeated — Guerrero, Cotto, Hatton, Mosley, Alvarez, Marquez and, of course, De La Hoya … who’s featured right in the center of the painting.

(Photo)NBA: Say What? John Wall Gave Wizards Teammate $100,000 For Christmas?

I don’t really know what to make of this but if true this is one hell of a Christmas gift. Wizards Kris Humphries posted a picture yesterday claiming John Wall was giving Drew Gooden $100K! There is definitely that much in the pic, but why would Wall give another fellow player who has quite a bit of money himself so much for the holidays? Was it a lost bet? Something more? Who knows but I know Gooden is happy, unless it is all a hoax

Sports: Rick Ross Reveals If He Really Has A $100K Bet With Jalen Rose

Welp, it looks like no one has taken Rick Ross up on that $100k bet!  Earlier this month Rozay hit up Funk Flex’s show & said he would bet $100,000 that the  Heat would finish better this season than the Cavs.  A short time later, Jalen Rose said he would take Ross up on that bet.  So was Jalen serious?  Is the bet on?!  The Bawse revealed if the bet is really on. Check it out…

NFL: DAMN, Rex Ryan Fined $100K For Cursing At Pittsburgh Steelers Players

The NFL came down hard on Rex Ryan Fined $100K and he is feeling it in his wallet. Cameras captured Rex cursing at Steelers players on the field after the Jets beat them this past Sunday. Rex was unhappy with what he felt was a dirty play at the end of the game when the outcome of the game was already decided. See why Rex Ryan Fined $100K.

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