Word Is iPhone 6 Is Set To Have A 6-Inch Screen?!

This is extraordinary news, it’s kind of a rumor since there is no official Apple confirmation, but when a site like Cnet chimes in on this and says the word ‘report’, I feel really good about it!

Next Big Phone Drop To Compete With Samsung Note II, Uh Oh!!!

Smartphones have progressively gotten bigger and bigger over the years. Higher resolution, 3.5-4-inch displays slowly pushed a little further to 4.5-5-inches. They can only get so big until you can’t fit it in your pocket anymore. Samsung made a point with their Note II that showed the limits of the smartphone can still be pushed some. Another company has a behemoth of a device in the works to compete with some powerful guts. Pics after the jump… Tat Wza

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