NJ Burglary Suspect Reveals Plan With Inadvertent “Butt- Dial” 911 Phone Call

Police report a New Jersey man told on himself by not properly locking his phone to prevent an inadvertent phone call. Out of everyone he could have accidentally called, he just so happened to inform the authorities of his illegal activity.

9/11 First Responder Wins $5 Million Dollars From A Scratch Off

Carmelo Mercado, a retired NYC firefighter, who was a first responder on Sept. 11, 2001, won $5 million from a scratch-off ticket he purchased in Queens, New York. Hit the jump for his amazing story!

(Video) 911! Plies Accused Of “Holding White Guys Hostage”

According to reports by Florida police, someone placed a frantic 911 call stating Plies and his crew were holding “white guys hostage.” Police rushed to the scene but when they got there, it was not a hostage situation that they found. Hit the jump to find out what happened.

(Audio) LOL! Florida Woman Calls Police On Her Dealer Because He Didn’t Come Through With Her Weed

A Florida woman called police because her dealer did not give her marijuana that she paid for during a drug deal. When police arrived they found the street drug flakka on her. She was later arrested on drug charges. Hit the jump.

(Photo) NFL: SMH, Suspended Greg Hardy Makes Terrible 9/11 Joke While Trying To Clown His Old Team

Greg Hardy is an absolute idiot! I try to write as many things as possible from a neutral stance but not today. This low life Hardy just can’t keep himself out of the news even though he should be thanking God he isn’t in jail and is still in the NFL. This moron, who isn’t smart enough to lay low after getting off from domestic violence charges thanks to a very stupid loophole in North Carolina law and paying off the woman who was accusing him, now finds himself in hot water and this time for a tasteless joke about 9/11.

(Audio) 911 Tape From Suge Knight Hit & Run Incident Released

Suge Knight has recently been arrested after running over two people and leaving one dead in a hit and run accident on a movie set in Compton, Los Angeles. The audio of the 911 call hit the ‘net of a woman in panic after witnessing the entire ordeal go down. She called the dispatcher freaking out, saying “This car ran over two guys. They were fighting and then, um, he just pulled back and pulled forward and run them over.” Crazy! The dispatcher sent a unit out immediately. Knight is back in prison after suffering an almost fatal blood clot and will most likely be behind bars for quite some time. Listen to the 911 call below.

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