Tomi Lahren Gets Suspended After Abortion Comments

I’m sure the Beyhive is rejoicing upon hearing TV host Tomi Lahren, who came for Beyonce and Jay-Z some time ago, has now been suspended after making comments about abortion. Lahren’s boss Glenn Beck was not too fond of her appearance on “The View” after Lahren stated that she is “pro-choice.” She then took jabs at conservatives who were against her views calling them “hypocrites.”

(Video) Ron Castorina Says That Abortion Is The African-American Genocide Causing Democratic Lawmakers To Protest

Abortion is a very touchy subject in the United States and there are many people who are for it and then there are many who think abortion should be banned. Donald Trump is just one of many people who do not agree with abortion and has said that women who get abortions should be punished. GOP Lawmaker Ron Castorina is not for abortion either and he even said that abortion is the African-American genocide. Watch the video after the jump.

Oklahoma Passes A Bill To Make Abortion A Felony

The Oklahoma legislature has passed a bill that would make getting an abortion a felony, excluding rape and incest. The bill now goes on for approval, to anti-abortion republican Governor Mary Fallin.

(Photo + Video) Donald Trump Would Like To Ban Abortions And Punish All Women Who Get Them

Donald Trump, who says he is, “pro life,” believes that there should be punishments given to woman who decide to abort their babies. He says he isnt sure what those punishments are but they should be given. He also said that abortion should be banned.

Trap Queen Gone Bad: Fetty Wap Allegedly Asked Masika Why She Didn’t Get An Abortion

Fetty Wap has had probably the best year ever in life due to the fact he became one of the most popular artists… EVER. However despite is extreme success, he has been having a lot of drama in the female department. He already has a son with his high school sweetheart, Ariel. This year, he had a baby girl with another chick. To add to Fetty’s growing family, he allegedly got Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s own Masika pregnant. She has been posting belly pics along with having online back-and-forth drama with Mr. Wap that has gone extremely viral.

(Photos) ‘Scandal’ Shows Olivia Pope Getting An Abortion…The People Are Not Happy

Scandal is one the most talked about shows along with other hit shows such as Empire and Power. Lastnight, viewers were shocked to see the show have a super twist to it. They showed Olivia Pope undergoing an abortion. While some thought it was a brilliant move to add to the story line, others did not agree. The show received a lot of comments about this one.

(Video) Ben Carson Compares Abortion To Slavery, Would ‘Love’ To See Roe V. Wade Overturned

Yes, you read it right, Republican Presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson compared abortion to slavery Sunday, standing by his belief by calling the procedure, even in cases to save the mother’s life, “perverted” and that he would “love” to see Roe v. Wade – A historic Supreme Court decision overturning a Texas interpretation of abortion law and making abortion legal in the United States – overturned and relinquished. Ben Carson goes on to say, “In the ideal situation, the mother should not believe that the baby is her enemy and should not…” read more on the article to hear more of his position.

The Nerve: Sarah Palin Compares Planned Parenthood To The Confederate Flag & Says WHAT?!

Former Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin is infamous for voicing her opinion, often to the point where it can make many uncomfortable and angered. Palin has been going ham via her Facebook page with her #DefundPlannedParenthood campaign photos. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which is cool, but she took it absolutely TOO far. The politician posted a photo comparing the Confederate flag along side the Planned Parenthood logo with text on top that reads, “Which symbol killed 90,000 black babies last year?”

(Video) Planned Parenthood Caught Selling Aborted Fetus Parts And They Respond!

Earlier this week, a video surfaced showing a top Planned Parenthood representative, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, eating lunch with someone who she thought was a interested in buying aborted fetus parts. Planned Parenthood’s chief apologizes for the reps words in that video.

(Video) 10 Year-Old Rape Victim Denied Abortion

A 10 year is pregnant after being raped by her step-father. The authorities in Paraguay have denied her the right to an abortion. Check out the video after the jump.

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