(Video) Ever Wonder What Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o Was Doing Before12 Years A Slave??

Anyone ever wonder where the mahogany beauty who catapulted to megastardom after her Oscar award winning performance in, 12 Years A Slave came from? Long before the graceful beauty was gracing the covers of the hottest publications in fashion, or being the face of top fashion houses like Prada’s Miu Miu, the Kenyan beauty came to the US and studied at Yale University…But did you also know Lupita was in an African Soap opera named “Shuga” based in Nairobi, Kenya, where the show highlights a group of young adults in Africa enjoying life, dating, and dealing with real life issues like HIV??

Oscar Winner, Lupita Nyong’o At One Point Prayed For Lighter Skin

Many children have and still do continue through life wanting to be something that they’re not – thinner, lighter skinned, straighter teeth – when the features that they have make them look absolutely stunning. Feelings like these can be contributed to taunters, bullies and media’s portrayal of what beauty really is. After last evening, we’re sure that Lupita Nyong’o’s acceptance speech – “…no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid…” – has opened the minds of children, who would like to change their outer apperance, since once, she pleaded with God to change the color of her skin for a lighter one. Check out her thoughts on the subject, down bottom.

(Photos) Horrible: Aspiring Model Posts EXPLICIT Photos After Jealous Boyfriend Brutally Beats Her

Popular Instagram User “@bambiiiii_” shook up the social media world after she gave us a harsh taste of reality. Her now former boyfriend Brandon Dawson put her in the hospital after beating her senselessly. According to the young lady, he was provoked after another man “flirted with her” while he was right there, accusing her of egging the situation on. After being brutally beaten, Gabriella ended up in the hospital with a concussion and horrific bruises and scars to remind her of what went down. To bring the serious issue of domestic violence to the public’s attention, she posted the extremely graphic after-math pics of the abuse, giving vivid details of the whole ordeal. Check out the whole disturbing thing in the gallery. We’re praying for her and every other female caught up in an abusive relationship!

Actress Who Sent Ricin To President Obama & NY’s Mayor Bloomberg Is Facing 18 Years!

Shannon Richardson, the actress who stuffed ricin in letters addressed to President Obama and New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken a deal that will land her a maximum of 18 years behind bars. Drop down bottom for the details.

(Video) Check Out Jamia Simone Nash’s Amazing Cover!

Jamia Simone Nash started off her singing career early, making listeners nationwide fall in love with her rendition of Alicia Key’s ‘Fallin’ during her appearance on Showtime at The Apollo back in 2002. She quickly transitioned her vocals to the movie screen; landing roles in Fantasia Barrino’s biopic, and a major role in the hit film “Raise It Up,” and now the teen is tuning into her singing roots and is giving us her soothing version of Avicii’s ‘wake Me Up,’ hit the jump for her performance!

(Photos)Cher Shares Thoughts On Her Daughter Chasity, Who Is Now Her Son Chaz

It’s good to know Cher no longer has an issue with her daughter now being her son.

Which Actress/Model Has A Baby On The Way?!

This couple have been keeping this secret under lock n’ key. Their love on the other hand is openly exposed to social media on a regular basis, so I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner. The model/actress and her oh-so-fine singer/rapper/song-writer boyfriend will surly bare a gorgeous child. Hit the jump to find out which stunning couple has a baby on the way.

(Fellas Check The Pics!) DAMN! See Which One Of Your Favorite Actresses Hit The Stripper Pole!

A few of your favorite stars have been hitting the stripper pole in their latest movies. See if your fave actress made the cut in the gallery below!

(Check The Pics!) IFWT Wishes Ashley Tisdale A Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Ashley! We wish you many more!

(PHOTO) NFL: Lol, When DM’ing Goes Wrong!! Troy Aikman Tries To Spit Game & Fails Horribly!

Damn Troy damn! Lol. When I didn’t know how to use Twitter, I was very careful with what I wrote and posted up. Someone is going to have to give the Cowboys legend a Twitter lesson. Troy Aikman was tryin to holla (no, he’s not married anymore) at a woman (an actress) and not only did he tweet his DM, but he spelled her name wrong too! SMH. You spell my name wrong – you are instantly finished.  Of course the tweet was deleted, but don’t worry a screen shot was captured for all to giggle at.  Check it out…

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