(Video) MMA: Jenna Jameson Says Tito Ortiz Leaked Video of Her Drunk & Violent In Front of Their Kids

The turbulent relationship between Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz is finally over but the issues between them are not.  Ortiz currently has full custody of their twins after reports of Jameson’s drinking and drug use.  Ortiz has been very vocal about Jameson’s issues even saying that she has to pass some tests before she’s even allowed to see them.  Well now a video has leaked of Jameson’s reckless behavior in front of their children and she believes Ortiz is responsible for it.

(Caught On Tape) Damn! The ENTIRE Aisle Falls After A Worker Arranges IT!!

The benefits of working hard are indescribable (in a good way), especially when time is carefully taken to express yourself through your work. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for a store employee who carefully took his time to arrange a shelf of alcohol while at work. Just as he steps back in admiration, the shelf falls–just missing two women. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) More People Are Starting To Smoke…Alcohol?!?

This has been around for a few years now, but is starting pick up, BUT Docters are starting to warn people, THIS is DANGEROUS!!! See warning below.

Lindsay Lohan Makes A Major Move To Stay Away From The Party Scene

Though I’m not sure this plan will really work, Lindsay Lohan is at least attempting to distance herself from the party scene…and that speaks volumes in and of itself. Upon finishing her stint at rehab, the troubled actress has decided to leave the party scene of Los Angeles and return to the Big Apple. Thing is, our party scene here can be just as turnt up! Luckily, one thing different here than L.A. is her family is here to help. “Lindsay hasn’t finalized any real plans about where she is going to live long term. She likes living on her own but also likes living with [her mother] Dina. She is enjoying spending time with her family now.” I really hope everything works out for her this time!

Lindsay Lohan Wants NO PARTS Of Anything Alcohol Related….For Now

According to LiLo, the troubled actress is doing everything in her power to be rid of all types of alcoholic beverages since her arrival home from rehab. She’s going above and beyond to make sure everywhere she goes, there is no temptation for her to start hittin’ the bottle again. She’s even demanding that any hotel she stays at and show she appears on remove all of the LQ when she’s present. Not only that, but she even is forcing her mother to dump out any trace of alcohol she has in her home. Lindsay is NOT playin’ around….. (or so we hope.)

(Video) DMX Knocks Out In Cop Car After Being Arrested For DUI

Rapper DMX recently got arrested in South Carolina Friday morning for driving under the influence, driving with no license, and not wearing his seatbelt. New footage of Dark Man X knocked TF out in back of the police car after getting bagged up went viral and dude is lookin’ crazier than ever. Hit the jump to check it out. (P.S.– stay sober, y’all.)

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