WELP: Trinidad James Says He’s Looking For A Fly Girl In New York With “Good P*ssy”

Trinidad James might have been dropped from Def Jam and lost his record deal but that isn’t stopping him from trying to find his perfect definition of a female in the Tri-State area. The “All Gold Everything” rapper took to his Twitter account to basically put out an ad seeking a chick (cheaper and less of a hassle than signing up for a dating sight, right?) Trinidad writes, “I need a NY girlfriend. Fly. Spanish. Black. White. Attitude ridiculous. P*ssy Good.” Just as we expected, a few “haters” came at Trinidad with some extreme slander but he fired right back in no time. Check out Trinidad’s Twitter talk over in the gallery!

(Picture) Uh Oh! Did Trinidad James Just Get Dropped From Def Jam?!

“All Gold Everything” Rapper Trinidad James woke up this morning and decided announce some interesting news over twitter to his followers. Beating the corporate suits before they could make an official announcement. Check it out after the jump

(Caught On Tape) Man Robs Mini-Market With A GOLD AK-47!!!

Someone took Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything” a little too literal. Last Saturday in West Philly, two men entered a small store. One began to rush the register as the other regulated with a gold AK-47. All on tape, you can even see them flee on foot. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

(Video) Trinidad James Apologies To New York City Directly For His Disrespectful ‘ATL Runs NY’ Rant

Trinidad James recently caused a whole bunch of controversy after he said that Atlanta runs New York City during a performance… IN NYC! (The nerve) Well, today the “All Gold Everything” rapper posted up an video via his Twitter account called “The Truth Will Set You Free” with an attempt to clear the air for the second time this week. He admits that since he only has one smash-hit and no album that he has no real room to disrespect such an important state in Hip-Hop history and how he still wants to be able to make money while he’s here, amongst other things. Listen to the full video to hear what Jame$ had to say in his defense about bashing the Empire State below!

(Video) OKAY! Trinidad Jame$ Threatens To, “Beat Yo Ass” For WHAT?!

I’m going to admit, I am not a huge fan of Trinidad Jame$’ MUSIC! The only reason I listened to, “All Gold Everything” is because Trina was in the girls’ remix. So, I guess his current words with XXL was towards people such as myself. James talks about him simply being HIM – GREAT! His style, and his lack of discrimination, because he could care less about anyone’s color. “…lames, cornballs, whatever you wanna consider these people [that he hangs around] I don’t see no color. I f**k with everybody, but what’s NOT gonna change…MYSELF,” Trinidad James tells interviewers, Kris Merc and Ahmed Klink. The 10pc. Mild rapper also mentions that everyone has an opinion, but if you haven’t listened to his music, he doesn’t want to hear that s**t. “You can’t talk to me, if you ain’t listen to my music. Because then we gonna have a problem. And I’ma beat yo ass,” he continues. After this, what I’ve decided to so is, give him the common courtesy of listening to his latest mixtape. Then, and ONLY then will I talk s**t about it – LOL! Hit the jump for the full interview.

(Video) Trinidad James ‘Under The Influence Tour Intro’

‘All Gold Everything’ ATL rapper Trinidad James gets ready for his ‘Under The Influence Tour’ and releases a teaser intro to keep his fans hyped. Check out the visuals after the jump!

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