(Video) NBA: Kendall Gill Says MJ Made Him, Larry Johnson & Alonzo Mourning Regret Talking Trash

You know Michael Jordan is hands down the greatest player of time all because players actually enjoy telling stories about a time MJ trashed them. Only the greatest of great players could command that type of respect that would make someone happy to talk about a time they were embarrassed. Former Hornets player Kendall Gill played alongside Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning and he tells a great story of a time MJ made all three of them regret talking trash with just one play!

NBA: Alonzo Mourning Asks Why LeBron Walked Away From a “Dynasty” & Says Kevin Love is Leaving Cavs

In four years with the Miami Heat LeBron James made it to four straight Finals and won two championships.  Then in July, he reversed “The Decision” and went back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers to finish what he started there.  It was a shocking decision to many (considering how he left), but it made sense that the hometown hero would want to go back and bring them a championship.  It still doesn’t make sense however to Heat legend and Basketball Hall of Famer Alonzo Mourning.

NBA: Does Scottie Pippen Actually Think Lebron Is Better Than Jordan??

Scottie Pippen has been asked a million times about the comparison between MJ and Bron’, obviously because he was Jordan’s teammate with the Bulls for so long. I personally have heard him kinda take the sides of both players at different times. If you ask Alonzo Mourning what Pippen really thinks however, it sounds like Lebron all the way. See what they are talking about after the jump.

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