(Video) News Anchor Pays Homage To Biggie Live On Air

Yesterday marked 20 years since we lost Biggie. Fans, friends, and family shared their love all over the world. A news anchor even decided to pay homage live on air.

Former CNN Anchor Lynne Russell’s Husband Kills Robber In Motel Room Shootout

Yesterday [July 1] was a L.I.T. situation for CNN Anchor Lynne Russell and her husband, Chuck de Caro. A road trip turned Motel 6 shootout killed one, and wounded another. Details down bottom.

(Video) Boxing: LOL! Mike Tyson The News Anchor!

Whenever the champ is in front of a camera and isn’t boxing, you can count on him being a comedian! Tyson recently gave an update about Flavor Flav from a show he was guest starring in and he tests his skills in news reporting! Click more to check out the video!

Caught On Camera: LMFAO! Reporter Calls Anchor “Fat” Without Realizing Her Mic Is On!

#ThatAwkwardMoment when you’re on national TV and call the anchorman “fat” not realizing your mic is still on. Yep, that happened to a reporter who had no idea she was still mic’d up. How embarrassing (yet absolutely hilarious.) Check it out below.

(Video) Fox News Anchor Arrested After Doing What?!

Fox News Corresponder Gregg Jarrett seems to have partied a bit too hard, after he was arrested during a drunken incident at a bar in the Minneapolis St-Paul airport! The anchormen was set free on a bail of $300, and Fox News has responded to his actions by stating that “He is dealing with serious personal issues at this time”.

(Video) Anchor Who Cursed On First Live Television Appearance Back At Work…But As What?

A.J. Clemente was an aspiring television news anchor, up until his first live appearance that is. During the first seconds of his first ever show, Clemente let out two expletives before even introducing himself. Twenty-four hours later, he was no longer a news anchor. Keep reading to find out what he’s doing now.

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