(Video) A Woman Makes A Man Get On His Knees And Apologize For Talking About Black People

In a recent video we can see a woman of color making a man bow down and apologize to her for talking about African-American people. The woman says she will not tolerate the disrespect.

(Video) John McCain: Donald Trump Should Apologize To The Veterans, Not Me

Arizona Senator John McCain is finally speaking out about the

NBA: Michael Jordan Personally Apologizes To 76ers Player – Find Out Why!

The 76ers may be horrible this season, but this is could be considered a highlight. Lol. It’s not everyday you get a call from Michael Jordan!  MJ recently reached out to 76ers point guard Tony Wroten to apologize.  Wondering why?  Hit the jump for details…

NBA: Lamar Odom Is Not Happy About His Daughter’s Comments on His Divorce!

Last week Lamar Odom’s daughter slammed Khloe Kardashian when talking about her dad’s divorce from her.  Well apparently Lamar is not happy about it and is demanding that she apologizes.  He better not hold his breathe because I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.  Hit the jump for details.

(VIDEO) NBA: Will Kobe Bryant Accept This Apology From Dahntay Jones?!

When Kobe Bryant was “Jalen Rose’d” by Atlanta Hawks player Dahntay Jones, there was the big debate on whether Dahntay did it on purpose. Kobe & Dahntay went back and forth on Twitter about it, but there was never a resolution. Well Dahntay is apologizing (again) – I wonder if Kobe (who is still recovering from the injury) will respond to this?! Check it out…

(Video) Hot 97’s The Realness: Why Be Mad At Rick Ross & Lil’ Wayne, But NOT Biggie Or Eminem ???

…and it continues. After not one, but two apologies, Rick Ross is still being talked discredited. Plenty, worldwide have passed judgement on Ross, because they are not fans, which is clearly the reason that Big or Em could get away with lyrics that offend. They are artists who not many disliked. Most people didn’t even pay attention to Ross’ line until it was pointed out by someone else. Killing, slanging dope, f***ing hoes is something you’ll bounce your head to until the artist that you don’t like says it. Drop down bottom and listen, while Talib Kweli (yet again), Rosenberg, and Ebro give their opinions and then give yours. Do you think Ross should have to continuously apologize and why is it that him and Lil’ Wayne gets slandered for such lyrics, but Eminem and Biggie got a pass?

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