(Video) Robert Zimmerman Apologizes For Comparing Trayvon Martin To Baby Antonio Santiago’s Killer

Sometimes we say things and then we have to take them back, once we’ve realized our mistakes, and that’s pretty much what Robert Zimmerman does. After posting a photo to twitter, comparing Trayvon Martin to charged baby killer, De’Marquise Elkins, George Zimmerman’s brother had realized that he’d backed himself into a corner. While talking to CNN’s Piers Morgan he apologized for HOW he publicly posted his opinion. So, technically he’s not sorry. He’s so smart that he’s dumb. Drop down bottom and listen to the ignorance roll off his tounge.

NBA: Dwight Howard Apologizes To Orlando

Better late than never?! He does realize though that he’s still going to get booed when he makes his return to Orlando on Tuesday right?! He better listen to what Kobe told him! Dwight Howard has finally apologized to Orlando. Check out what he had to say…

(Video) NBA: Roy Hibbert Apologizes to Fans and His Mom For Brawl

On Tuesday night a nice fight between the Pacers & Warriors broke out that spilled over into the crowd. It all started when Roy Hibbert & David Lee exchanged shoves under the basket after a missed shot. Well Roy Hibbert has issued an apology to fans and yes, his mom. If I did that, I’d have to apologize to my mom too! Lol. He’s even covering Lance Stephenson’s fine. Details and video after the jump…

(Audio) Tracy Morgan Says That If Alec Baldwin Or Another Black Person Uses The C-Word Should “Apologize”

Alec Baldwin may get some serious backlash for this one. After getting into it with a black photographer who works for the NY Post, Baldwin was accused of calling him a “COON.” His former “30 Rock” co-star, Tracy Morgan says that “IF Alec or anybody calls someone a derogatory term they need to apologize.” Well duh. Morgan adds in that “Coon is played out.” It must be played all the way out because, to be honest I had to look the term up in order to find out it’s definition. Must be a 70s thing. Any how, drop down bottom to her what else Tracy had to say.

(Video) WHAT!!! CNN Plays “[email protected]@a [email protected]@a [email protected]@a” Song In Tribute To 103-Year-Old Lady!

I hope the person who cued up that song and pressed play should definitely be fired. CNN was bringing light to a 103 year old woman who still drives. At some point in the segment someone cues up and plays a song saying “[email protected]@a [email protected]@a [email protected]@a.” Ridiculous! Click below to check out the video. WiL Major

(PHOTO) NFL: ESPN Apologizes For Ben Roethlisberger Graphic!!

This graphic had Twitter buzzing last night… Chris Berman was forced to apologize during Monday Night Countdown after a graphic was aired on the left-side preview of the show.  Check it out & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

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