New App Sends Out A Notification Every Time Someone Is Killed By Police

Within the last year, 984 people have been killed by cops. This is double the number that the FBI annually reports. SMH really sad. Majority of those killings were of young black men. To make things worst, most of the policemen who were responsible for killing them were never charged. Many cities are looking into ways to develop techniques that will keep the ratings down and keep a closer eye on police while doing their job. software developer and Intercept editor Josh Begley​, took a stand to create his own form of keeping tabs on whats going on.

(Photo) Kim Kardashian Has Launched Her Own Collection Of Emojis

Kim Kardashian has already proven herself once when it come to apps with her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App and Monday the new mother launched her very own collection of emojis. Perfectly named “Kimoji”, the app, features over 250 emojis that reflect Kim K’s most well know assets and features.

Nicki Minaj Mobile Game Won’t Be Out Until 2016

I normally don’t zone in on a game/any app until it gets released and I’ve had some time with it, but the excitement from the announcement of a possible new Nicki Minaj Mobile Game has grown in just a couple hours that it’s worth sharing a POV!

Jay-Z Invests In JetSmarter, The ‘Uber For Private Jets’

For those of you who don’t know, booking a private plane cause been an extreme hassle. There’s tons of paper work and back and forth with brokers and that can get pretty frustrating. Well, now there’s a new app called Jetsmarter, which acts as ‘uber for private jets’ and allows you to book a private flight in the matter of seconds. What makes this app super cool is not only the added convenience but the fact that it’s back by none other than Jay-Z. Read more below.

(Photos) California Woman Creates App Helping To Feed Almost 600,000 Homeless

Exasperated and frustrated by the sights of homelessness, a California woman created an application that has helped feed almost 600,000 homeless.

(Photos) This New Hip Hop-Oriented Emoji App Will Make Others Obsolete

Ever since Apple gave their emoji’s a cultural update, there have been several of Emoji apps that have hit the Net recently. Apps like Expressor have allowed us to super-impose our favorite celebrity’s memorable faces in text messages. Now a new app, called RapKey, is coming to sweep the competition with emojis of blunts, smilies with grills, and Jay Z’s “The Roc” hand sign. Finally, you’ll be able to tell your friends you’re “runnin’ thru the 6 with your woes” with one emoji. Check out the details for RapKey after the jump!

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