Tech Games: Angry Birds No Longer #1

For weeks maybe even months the #1 app in Apples appstore has been “Angry Birds”. However in the last 2 days Angry Birds has seem its title taken away from them.  Who now has the #1 app? Find out after the jump!! @TatWZA @YJB

Tech Talk JOBS/App: Get Paid To Take iPhone Pics!!!!!

#IFWT Classifieds: iPhone User Are you out of work, or need a side gig, and happen to have time to go different locations, and know how to work the SO(Simple Operation) Camera? Then Gigwalk may have a JOB for you, Several actually! The Video and link after the Jump Will let you Know How!! @TatWZA

Learn How To Throw A Football Like A Pro!!

Hey @gametimegirl, did you know with a Nerf football, an Android Phone, and the Android App “Perfect Spiral Training”, Any body can throw like a Pro? Yeah find out more after the Jump. @TatWza

(Video) Check out Mike Tyson in this Main Event Iphone Game Commercial

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl & @TatWza LOVE Mike Tyson, he just keeps getting better & better! The app is FREE and you can get it HERE. Check out Iron Mike in this funny commercial out after the jump…

ABC Gives Your iPhone A “Backstage Pass” To The Oscars!!!

This is one of the coolest Apps I’ve ever seen, and if you hav an iOS Device(iPhone, iPad, iPod) then you can see it too….see details. @TatWza

App Is Really A Movie??

Warner Brothers will be offering its highest profile flicks as apps for iPhones and iPads. Starting with “The Dark Knight” and “Inception”….See Details. @TatWza

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