Chevy App Starts Your Car Remotely!!!!

Chevy Cruze is the bomb!! 1st Facebook, now with the MyChevroletApp, start your car from anywhere!!! See Details. @TatWza

iPhone Camera Mic!!!

An App that turns the mic on your iPhone Ear Bud Mic into a Shutter release akathe take the Picture Button, get the app in the details. @TatWza

iPhone Makes Payments At the Store???

NFC iPhones are not here yet, but are reported to be in the iPhone 5, yet Visa is launching its Visa Mobile application for trials in Europe, which for now requires an external attachment, and you will be able to pay with your iPhone…see details @TatWza

10 Billionth App Served On iTunes!!!!!!

Remember we told you you could win 10k from iTunes, Well Gail Davis of Orpington, Kent, UK listened to us and won that expensive gift card, by downloading the App called “Paper Glider”….See Details. @TatWza

NASA & Android Spinoff Together!!!

This is a mobile version of its NASA Spinoff portal for Android…See Details. @TatWza

What You Need To Hear About Android’s Youtube App!!!

Warning! pre-roll ads are coming to YouTube App on Android in “tens of thousands of YouTube partner videos” starting now!! see details. @TatWza

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