Picture Someone Trying To Take Your iPhone!!!!

This iGotYa App requires your iPhone to be jailbroken and costs $6 but Mos Def Worth it, should someone try to figure out your passcode either from stealing it or just your friends fooling around with your precious the app will….See Details. @TatWza

iPad Gets A Joy Stick(Pause)

The Joystick-It, ThinkGeek’s all-aluminum joy stick(Pause) for on-screen control pad’s, will cost $24.95, available by the end of January…see Details. @TatWza

Hands-On With MyFord Mobile At CES

Hands-on with MyFord Mobile is a smartphone app that keeps track of all the information an electric vehicle owner would want. Why does Ford need an app for an EV? Find out after the jump. @funkmasterflex

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