iPhone 3Gs Is Now $50 From AT&T & Apple!!!!

iPhone 3Gs came out in 2009 at $199 for a new 2 yr contract, and Now on the same day as the Verizon Announcement for iPhone 4G, the current model, AT&T And Apple are offering the previous Model the 3Gs at $50….Nice Try Guys! @TatWza

iPhone’s Encrypted Calls!!!!

If you need your calls supper private and have an iPhone, then you need an app called Kryptos, it’s $4.99 for the initial download which includes the first month of service free….See Details. @TatWza

iTunes Is Turning 10, Happy Birthday!!!!

iTunes just hit version 10.0 a few months ago, which is perfect since the App is turning 10 years old, I got you on the cake iTunes, and it may very well be tweaked to play nice with an all new device later this week, which is also revolutionary, speaking of revolutionary hit the details for a video from 10 years ago at Macworld 2001. Also the 1st iPod @TatWza

iPad Takes Gaming Old School With The iCade!!!!!

ThinkGeek & Ion gives us the iCade cabinet for the iPad. Brings retro gaming with a well-built Bluetooth joystick kits for $99 and plenty of classic games available to suit the iCase courtesy of Atari….See the video in the details. @TatWza

(Fella’s Check The Pic) Is 2011 The Year Of Android????

Android seems to be getting Sexier by the minute! Check the Stats in the Details. @TatWza

The I Am T-Pain Microphone!!!!

T-Pain At CES Dropping the “I Am T-Pain Mic” Who as he says it “is for kids who don’t have cell phones” since the mic is just like the T-Pain App, which is good for iPhone, so he meant to say its for people without the iPhone!! it also seems as though he had the #1 app in iTunes as well, I Need to investigate that one, See the video in the details. @TatWza

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