WiFi Only Galaxy Tablet Coming Q1 2011

Samsung 3G-free (and contract-free) version of its Galaxy Tab , are committed to a first quarter launch in the States, the units will have 16GB of internal storage along with a microSD slot capable of another 32GB. WiFi No Bill, But Not as mobile, well your not supposed to text  or anything while driving anyway so thats cool! @TatWza

iPad Gets A Joy Stick(Pause)

The Joystick-It, ThinkGeek’s all-aluminum joy stick(Pause) for on-screen control pad’s, will cost $24.95, available by the end of January…see Details. @TatWza

iPhone Belt Lets You Watch Movies!!!!

Vyne has a belt-like flexible strip of plastic with a clip on the end for your iPod touch or iPhone, There’s no word on price or release date just yet, all I Can Say is LMAO!!!!!! @TatWza

Mac App Store Does A Million Downloads In 1st Day

That’s Impressive!!!!! See Download link in details @TatWza

iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor!!!!!

Withings iPhone-connected blood pressure monitor measures vitals for iOS users….See Details. @TatWza

Samsung Has It’s Own “Macbook Air Like” Notebook!!!!

Samsung’s new 13.3-inch 9 Series laptop, the duralumin machine weighs just 2.89 pounds and measures .68 inches thick(the 13-inch MacBook Air measures 0.11 to 0.68 inches thick and weighs 2.9 pounds) and Samsung is Claiming it’s the “thinnest and lightest 13-inch notebook available.” See Details. @TatWza

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