iPhone Goes Old School Telephone Style!!!!!

Go Old school, with the New school, the Native Union’s new MM03i Bluetooth Handset Features an integrated iPhone charger/dock and a 3.5mm audio line out for plugging into speakers,  available in 2 colors: black and white.  There are dedicated answer and end call buttons, volume control, and a connection status visual indicator Available  for $150. @TatWza

iPhone 4 And 3G iPad GPS Up!!!!!

iPhone and 3G iPad both get the all-new StreetPilot app from Garmin, costs $39.99…See Details. @TatWza

BBC Makes Fun Of Steve Jobs???

Not Only is the BBC Making fun of Apple and Steve Jobs, But either they ripped off the “Sharks Tank” on ABC With “Dragon’s Den”, Or ABC ripped off BBC, We need to get to the bottom of this!!! J/K We don’t really care! But Knowing the US, We ripped them off. @TatWza

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