(Video) Armed Men Enter Police Station With Fire Arms

A 24-year-old Leonard man and a 40-year-old Jackson man were arrested after entering the Dearborn police station with tactical vests and armed with multiple firearms. The two men both filmed the incident. Cops were called early that afternoon after two suspicious men wearing tactical vests and masks were spotted at Ford Road and the Southfield Freeway. Once police arrived, the men were gone.

Suicide Squad: Kim Kardashian Hires New Armed Security Team

Kim and Kanye aren’t playing games anymore when it comes to securing the family. They’ve just enlisted a new team of security, all with former top professional jobs like working in the CIA, the Israeli Army and being Secret Service members. They’re ready for war.

(Video) Man Armed With A Sword Gets Arrested At Apple Store

On guard!! Some guy was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after he was arrested by police for having an imaginary dual with himself inside the apple store. Oh boy. Hit the jump to read the story.

(Video) NYPD Police Officer Murdered With Headshot

Honor to those that lay their lives on the line to serve, especially those officers who also lost their lives in the line of duty this year as well. New York City police officer, Randolph Holder, was shot Tuesday night during a response call to reports of a gunman in East Harlem, passing away a few hours after. While chasing the suspect on accounts of an armed robbery of a, Holder along side his partner were in plainclothes only to unexpectedly get caught in the crossfire of the incident, Read more on his last hours.

Texas Professor Quits Instead Of Working With Armed Students

Starting in August 2016, Texas’s new “campus carry” law will allow those with concealed carry licenses to carry guns into the buildings and dormitories of Texas colleges. So, obviously there’s significant disdain for this decree by lawmakers. One opponent is a prominent professor at the prestigious university.

(Video) Man Armed With Stick Attempts To Steal Airplane

Police say yesterday (9/17/15) a man with a history of mental illness attempted at stealing an airplane in Texas.

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