(Warning*Graphic*18+*Photos) Photos Of The Government Crackdown Of Protestors In Egypt, Over 200 Dead

Egypt has had a rollercoaster ride for the past two years, overthrowing a dictator, then overthrowing an elected President when they weren’t satisfied with him either. It’s now come down to the people versus the government, and civilians are coming out in record numbers to protest peacefully. Unfortunately, the armed forces have taken it into their hands to clear these sit-ins by firing at the masses and killing scores of Egyptians. These enraging actions have already been condemned by the United States, who ask the government to respect peaceful assembly and due process under law. The following photos will break your heart and are extremely graphic. Find them in the gallery.

Pentagon Fires Troops After What???

Over 50 troops were fired after a review was given that uncovered many violations. Read more after jump

WTF?! Kid Celebrates 21st Birthday By Stabbing Homeless Man 70 Times??

Pretty crazy to say the least. Usually (for a guy) on your 21st birthday your father, uncle, or crew takes you out for drinks. Sometimes it even pans out like a bachelor party if you’re lucky. But for some reason, Dale Wakefield decided to stab a homeless man –who’s also an army vet– over 70 times.

Reckless in Egypt!! Troops Open Fire On Protestors!!

It´s been two days since President Morsi has been ousted by the Egyptian Army and the situation is really taking a turn for the worst. ¨Egyptian troops opened fire on mostly Islamist protesters marching on a Republican Guard headquarters Friday to demand the restoration of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, leaving at least one severely wounded.¨ Hit the jump for more details.

Uh Oh!! Egypt Army May Act!!

Egypt’s army issued a sharp warning to rival political factions on Sunday that it may step in to impose order, as clashes ahead of major opposition rallies next weekend saw at least two men shot dead.

MLB:(Video) Great Video..Father Surprises His Daughter After Being In Afghanistan

I wish all stories could be as pleasant as this one is. Army Lieutenant Colonel William Adams had been in the Middle East for over a year. During a Tampa Bay Ray’s game last night, his daughter, 9 year old Alayna was at the game with her Mother and brothers. She was picked to throw out the first pitch, which she though was just a random contest. However, little did she know, the Rays and her father were up to something. Watch her reaction when she realizes who is the catcher for her. See the video after the jump.

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