(Fellas Check The Pics) WOWWW! Gracie Proves Why She’s The Baddest In This Pic!

Startender Gracie is one of the most unique looking urban models out and she just keeps wowing us more everyday. Check out her SUPER fly and sexy new pic in the gallery. She’s so official!

(Fellas Check The Pics!) DAMNNNN! Gracie Busts It Open & Shows Us What She’s Workin’ With

Starlet’s baddest Chinita bartender Gracie took to the ‘Gram to bust it open and show off her crazy curves. She is BAD! Check out Gracie’s flicks in the gallery!

(Video) #WhereDeyDoDatAt: Woman Casually Takes It ALL OFF On The Subway!

If you’ve ever rode on the subway, you’re familiar with the very peculiar things that one may see. A chick was recently caught on tape in China changing her outfit on the subway, baring it all for the passengers to see (and now the whole world since it was video tapped).

NFL: Darnell Dockett Makes Racist Joke, Fans Get Angry, He Doesn’t Think He’s Wrong. Should He Apologize?!

I see both sides of this, but since he is a public figure I think Darnell should apologize.  I do believe that people are way too sensitive.  I’m Persian & have heard all kinds of “bomb” jokes.  It doesn’t bother me. It’s one thing when something is said in a malicious way, but it’s another when it’s a joke.  Well over the weekend Dockett took to Twitter to make a joke about Chinese people.  Many fans got upset over it, but he refuses to apologize.  Not only is he refusing to apologize, but he thinks it’s funny that people are upset. Check it out & let us know what you think about it…

(Video) The Weeknd – Kiss Land [Album Promo]

Between reading, 50 Shade of Grey and watching promos from The Weeknd, what’s a girl to think about…The Canadian who clearly has a thing for, Asian culture has dropped a promo for the September 10th release of, Kiss Land, the album. Within the promo, the crooner leaves a telephone number for fans to call, and guess what…you may get a call back! Exciting right?! Hit the jump to have a look.

(Video) HORRIFIC: Interracial Couple Brutally Attacked Outside Bar In Queens

Just when we think the world is changing for the better, people do things like this to ruin it. An interracial couple Jacob James-Vogel and his wife Billie were leaving a bar in Queens with their gay friend when they were viciously attacked. As they were being beaten, the assailants yelled out homophobic and racist slurs.

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