(Photos) NBA: Raptors Lou Williams Hosts Christmas Party With BOTH Of His Hot Girls!

Lou Williams is clearly having a better Christmas than most of us as he hosted a holiday party with both of his eye catching girlfriends, Ashley & Rece. Williams is starting to become more famous for his threesome relationship than his play on the court, not that it’s a bad thing! He has already been spotted out and about in the Toronto area with the girls and the situation genuinely seems to be working just as fine as there appears to be no drama whatsoever. From the looks of the pics everyone was definitely happy during the party.

Auto:(Video) One Driver, Two Cars, At The Same Damn Time

Say hello to my boy 2cars! Ok, so it does not have the same ring as 2chainz but it is no different. He must have alot of free time or by nature he has a daredevil spirit because how do you even think to do this to begin with. He manages to have 2 cars doing donuts literally at the same time, as he switches back and forth between cars. I cant even lie, this is pretty cool to see, even though the cars he is using makes the video look like it is from the early 90’s instead of recent. Check the video out below. IamJOE357

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