Will This Hacker’s Appeal Change Internet Laws???

Last year, Andrew Auernheimer who was convicted of stealing thousands of iPad users email addresses is now trying to get an appeal. This week his lawyers, Tor Ekeland and Mark Jaffe, filed a 74 page document to the US Court of Appeals.

Tmobile Has WHAT Rapper Endorsing Them?!

In All Honesty, back in the day, I really dug dudes Music, and When He did the car show on MTV, that was tough too, BUT….Do we give AF if he’s gone from AT&T to Tmobile?!?! IDK….Watch the Commercial after the Jump!!

Guess Who Has The Fastest LTE Service!!

Well, according to TechHive, AT&T still has LTE service in the US. The site conducted a test of all the networks for its Wireless Week and found that T-Mobile LTE is catching up and service is pretty fast as well.

All AT&T Customers Will Able To Do WHAT??

AT&T will be opening up mobile video chat to all of its customers. The company said that video chat apps will work on its network for all of its customers by the end of this year.

Is AT&T Discontinuing THIS Phone???

It seems that AT&T‘s HTC First sales were really. Allegedly the company was so disappointed in the sale numbers it wants to discontinue the phone soon.

OK Soooo….The FCC Approves THIS Phone For AT&T!!!!

There have been plenty of leaks that Motorola will soon unveil it’s first Google inspired phone called the “X Phone”, & now it’s starting to get a bit clearer. More details & leaked images after the jump.

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