(Video) A$AP Ferg Surprises Fan At Her Wedding

A$AP Ferg was recently Down Under for a series of shows back in May, when he was approached by a fan with a special request during a meet-and-greet. Michael Dawson’s bride-to-be listened to Ferg “pretty much 24/7,” and he thought it would be awesome to have him appear at their upcoming nuptials. After getting in contact with Ferg’s management prior to the show and meet-and-greet, they arranged for him to attend to be able to put in the request to Ferg himself. They warned him that Ferg may say no, but that didn’t stop him…and good thing it didn’t! “He introduced us and I gave him my spiel,” Michael explains. “I was so surprised when he said ‘Yeah sure’, he was actually super down with it.” So dope of Ferg! Check out the video below to see the end result. As for how the wedding guests took it:

“The language raised a few eyebrows among the older family members who had no idea who he was but amongst our friends it was pretty huge.”


Budweiser & Miller Merge In Record $104.48B Deal!!!

Good news for beer lovers! Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD) agreed overnight to merge with SABMiller. BUD bought SABMiller for about $68/share. This makes BUD the largest beer brewer in the world; they will now possess about 1/3 of the beer market. Heineken is second and a bit behind, owning 9% of the market. Hit the jump to find out what this means for new beer recipes.

Chris Brown To Raise Domestic Violence Awareness In Australia

Chris Brown is currently being denied entry into Australia because Government officials find him to have a “lack of character” ever since the Rihanna beating back in 2009. Since he’s been getting the cold shoulder when he attempted to apply for a Visa to visit the country for his tour, he has another action plan set to prove he’s a changed man.

Lies! Lies! Chris Brown Says He WILL Be In Australia In December!

Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Brown has an announcement about his denial into Australia. Find out more after the jump.

Chris Brown Is Being Denied Entry Into Australia Because Of THIS!

It looks like Australian officials are NOT with the sh*ts and want no parts of Chris Brown entering their country. They think that after the infamous Rihanna beating, Breezy “lacks character” and is not fit to visit their country. CB was supposed to go on a tour in the country in December, but his plans were shot down by Australian Immigration officials.

(Photos) Tyler The Creator Officially Banned From WHICH Country?!

Tyler The Creator has been known to stir up trouble with his misunderstood music and wild-boy antics. However, there’s one place in the world that has finally had it with the former Odd Future chief. According to the Cherry Bomb MC, a country from down under decided to completely banish him from crossing their borders. Find out which country banned Tyler The Creator after the jump!

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