The Top 10 Car Flops From The Last Decade

Measured by sales, the Mitsubishi iMiEV shown above holds the number 2 spot for automobile failures in the last decade; only selling 1,420 since November of 2011. So what car holds title for the number one flop in the last 10 years??

Guess WHO Got A Gold Bugatti?!

Seems like every rapper talks about a Bugatti lately but damnnn! Flo Rida went and got his Bugatti in gold chrome!!

Sherrif’s Dept. Isn’t Buying The Story That Tyler The Creator Was Speeding In Bieber’s Car

Justin Bieber has been accused of driving at RIDICULOUS speeds in his Calabasas community once again, but his boy Tyler, the Creator has stepped up to say it was him behind the wheel. However, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. isn’t buying it. Sheriff’s investigators have at least 2 eyewitnesses who say they physically saw Justin driving…not to mention that whole thing with Keyshawn Johnson. Police are currently awaiting a video that allegedly proves Justin wasn’t driving. When the investigation is completed, the case will be referred to the D.A..

Auto:(Video) Hilarious Video Of Woman Trying To Parallel Park, She Better Never Move To NYC

I feel bad for this woman, but the people recording the video got me dying laughing, even though they barely speak english. As the video starts, the woman has already been trying to park in a spot for 15 minutes, it then takes her another 15 minutes to finally make it happen. In the mean time we all get to enjoy some laughs about it. She would kill herself if she lived in NY. Check it out after the jump.

Auto: This Is Serious Beef!! Ice Cream Truck Turf Wars

You can’t make this kind of stuff up! The last thing you think about when you think of the ice cream man is turf wars getting violent. Did this become ice cream mafia? I am surprised that this doesn’t happen more often in NYC with all the Mister Softee trucks that seem to be on every other block when the weather gets warm. Read more about this cold war after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Crazy Video..Grand Theft Auto Comes To Life

Even though this video is crazy, it is pretty cool at the same time. This happened in Brazil and it definitely has the feeling of Grand Theft Auto coming to life. Someone even took the time to edit the video with hilarious sound effects from the game. The way dude was driving trying to get away from the cops by running over anyone and anything in his path makes you think of that cop you beat up in the game, right before you car jacked him and the music changed, lol. Watch yourself after the jump. I am not sure if the guy even survived with all the bullet holes in his car.

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