(PHOTO) Sports: Mario Balotelli Refuses To Sign Autograph For Fans, So They Did This To His Ferrari!

I know athletes get tired of signing autographs and taking pictures – but fans want what they want – and if you don’t give it to them, you face the consequences!  Now while I believe cars are ALWAYS off limits (messing with someone’s car is just wack), I still had to giggle at this.  AC Milan star Mario Balotelli denied a group of youngsters autographs, so check out what they did to his Ferrari…

NFL: Adrian Peterson Defends Johnny Football, Thinks He SHOULD Be Paid

It seems like there has been nothing but slander in the media regarding Johnny Manziel ever since he won the Heisman trophy. It sometimes seems as if there is a campaign in place to bring this young man down intentionally. I am not necessarily saying that is true, but it damn sure can come off like that. This week however a couple different current NFL stars had nice words to say about Johnny, and Vikings running back Adrian Peterson completely came to his defense yesterday. Hit the jump for more.

Uh-Oh! NCAA Investigating Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football just can’t seem to keep his name out of the headlines.  So what happened now?!  NCAA is investigating whether Johnny Manziel was paid for signing autographs. Do you think this is a big deal?!  Should college players get paid?!  Details & weigh in after the jump…

(Photos) Just Getting Out Of The Hospital & Lil Wayne Is Already Doing WHAT ?!?!

After being in a hospital for about a week, Wayne has decided to come out and take on one of his happiest hobbies at the moment – SKATEBOARDING! The YMCMB rapper made an appearance at the Annual Tampa Pro Skateboard Contest this past weekend. While in attendance Wayne, took pictures, signed autographs for fans, and expressed his excitement for meeting Elissa Steamer. It seems like Wayne had a grand ol’ time. Drop down bottom, because it looks like Weezy has a clean bill of health to me.

NBA: Limited Edition Carter #4 Brooklyn Nets Jerseys Signed By Jay-Z Sold For How Much?!

Remember the limited edition Carter #4 Brooklyn Nets jersey that Hov rocked during his concerts to open the Barclays center (see above)? There were 800 special edition jerseys produced; 100 sold each day of his eight-day stand at the Barclays.  Ten additional jerseys  (5 black and 5 white)  autographed by  Jay-Z (“Peace Jay-Z”)  were auctioned off online through a partnership with NBA Auctions.  The sale concluded on Wednesday, October 31, after  2-weeks, the day before the season opener was scheduled. The money was donated to charity, check out how much they went went for… GameTimeGirl

NFL: Cam Newton Taking Some Heat For Charging For Autographs

Sabrina B. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will appear at a mall on Saturday and sign autographs for anyone who has the time to stand in line — and at least $125.

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