Taxstone Being Held On $500,000 Bail After HUGE New Detail Emerges

djvladYoutube A day after being arrested for being linked to the Irving Plaza shooting, Taxstone has been arraigned and is being held on bail set at $500K.

Troy Ave Bail Hearing Date Set

Troy Ave is now pleading not guilty to an attempted murder. His lawyers are hoping to get him free’d next week. Supporters filled the court room as Troy told the court he plead “Not guilty.”

Man Spends 5 Months At Rikers Island Not Knowing His Bail Was Only $2

How sick would you be spending 5 months in Rikers Island for just a $2 bail? I would be highly upset. Aitabdel Salem is now blaming his lawyer after he was stuck in Rikers from Nov. 2014 to April 2015.

Katt Williams Avoids More Jail Time

I think we all can agree that it has been a tough couple of months for Katt Williams. It looks like he might have caught a break recently though.

(Video) Katt Williams Has Been Released On Bail

Katt Williams has just been released on bail. He was arrested for the fight that he had with a 17-year-old boy.

Michael Slager, Former Cop Who Killed Walter Scott, Released On Half Million Dollar Bail

Following the 2015 video footage – shot by Feidin Santana – of former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager shooting a handcuffed Walter Scott, 50, in the back eight times, a jury decided to indict him (unlike some other officers we’ve heard of). Although a judge denied Slager’s bail back in September, claiming the release “would constitute an unreasonable danger to the community,” he has since changed him mind, and allowed Slager to be let out on a $500,000 bail. Hit the jump for more.

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