(Photos) NFL: Hilarious! Indianapolis Bakery Trolls Tom Brady So Hard Over “Deflategate”

The troll game of Taylor’s Bakery in Indianapolis is on all-star levels ahead of the Colts game this Sunday against the Patriots. It will be the first time the teams have met since the now infamous “deflategate” game, where the Colts called out the Pats for deflated balls. The Pats obviously went on to destroy them en route to the Super Bowl but their will be no love lost this Sunday and the bakery knows it.

(Photos) 40 Hospitalized From Drug Laced Cake

Usually people know when they’re about to eat “special brownies” or embark on magical trips with their drug of choice, but this story “takes the cake” and leaves no high. An investigation is underway while at least 40 Hospitalized From Drug Laced Cake from eating holiday pastries last week.

(Warning*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: 2 Cops Murdered During Robbery

I may a dude from the street, but this is NOT clean, especially knowing these idiots will prob get the death penalty for whatever they got from a bakery. Dirt is Dirt, and Robbing a bakery to feed your fam is one thing, but murdering 2 cops is just dumb….But maybe that’s why I didn’t continue that street life.

(Video*Graphic*) Air Strike In Syria Leaves Civilians Dead

Coming across video like these are very saddening. A deadly air strike at a bakery in Syria was captured on footage and shows the graphic aftermath of the strike. Hit the jump for the unbelievable things that happen in other countries. Steph B

(Photos)The Best Thing About New York Fashion Week??

New York Fashion Week is approaching and everyone is about to be in town for this week of fashion craziness. Magnolia Bakery, has created a limited edition delightful desert that screams high fashion!  Some(models) may not be able to enjoy them, but whoever is might consider it the best part of NYFW.They are decorated with glitter and crystals just for NYFW, hit the jump. Steph B

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