Auto: This Truck Costs A Nightclub $10.5 Million Dollars In lawsuit

Everything is bigger in Texas is not always a good thing. This big a** Ford F-250 that was customized to damn near be a monster truck is at the center of a lawsuit with a Texas nightclub and the family and a dead woman who attended that club. Read more after the jump.

Pregnant Kristen Bell Sues A Hollywood Bar ??!!

The Pregnant Kristen Bell and a few others are suing the popular Hollywood bar, L’Scorpion, accusing its owners of failing to pay them their portion of its profits. Supposedly Kristen and her friends invested $20,000 each in the bar in July 2005 and were supposed to receive 5 percent of its profits in return.The popular Hollywood bar generated monthly profits up to $30,000 since it’s opening in 2006 according to E, Bell and her friends didn’t receive their fair share of those profits.

Use Beer Goggles On Yourself Lol!

Yes you know what beer goggles are.  You know you have a drink or five in you and the girl/guy across the bar suddenly looks much more attractive then he/she did when you first walked in.  At this exact moment you are now wearing beer goggles lol!  According to a study when men drink they find themselves much more attractive, so those beer goggles come in handy for a self esteem boost.  On the other hand a small percent of women thought that looking at the mirror with beer goggles on made them look better. Steph B

(Photos) Pictures Surface Of The Lady That Lindsay Lohan Clocked In The Face [She’s Bruised Up!]

As we’re all well aware of by now, Lindsay Lohan was arrested AGAIN in NYC last night, after punching another woman in the face (who TMZ is now reporting was the “object of affection” of LiLo’s object of affection that night, Max from The Wanted). A photo has now surfaced of the damage Lindsay did to the woman’s face in the assault and while it’s nothing crazy, it’s still something! Check her out in the gallery. Oh, Lindsay…why can’t you just stay out of trouble! Marisa Mendez

Tech Talk App Review: Craft Beer New York

Here in the New York area, Craft Beer has grown in popularity. An acquired taste is sought after more opposed to just drinking whatever is available. Craft Beer New York is an App set out to bring all those alike, together. Reviews, photos and ratings help users find the particular venue or craft they may be in search of. Filled with user friendly features like easy to use maps and an attractive UI make the app a breeze to navigate through. Hit the jump for pics and Download link… Tat Wza

What Happens When You Live Close To A Pub???

Well it doesn’t come as a surprise that if you live close to a pub or bar, what may happen.  Studies show that the closer you live to a pub you are prone to become a heavy drinker.  So if you live close to a bar, just know you’re most likely be there often. Hit the jump Steph B

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