1,000 Bees Delay American Airlines In Dallas/ Fort Worth

In 1963, Alfred Hitchcock released a movie titled “Birds”, and I remember being terrified of the possibly of an attack from birds. Just imagine the clear blue sky suddenly forming into an ominious dark cloud of aggressive endothermic vertebrates aiming to attack! Well in Dallas, people almost experienced an analogous situation. But, it’s bees this time !

(Video) 50,000 Bees Removed From Queens Apartment!

A New York City woman had some unexpected roommates living in her apartment: 50,000 bees!! She had no idea there was so much bees hiding up in her ceiling! Gives me the chills, check it out!!

30,000 Bees Attack Couple And Leave Their Horses Dead?!?

While exercising their miniature horses in North Texas, a couple got attack by nearly 30,000 bees. Their two horses got stung so many times that they couldn’t be saved. Brandon F 44-year-old, Kristen Beauregard, got stung about 200 times, and her boyfriend about 50 times. Trying to escape the massive swarm of bees, Beauregard jumped into a pool, and her horse followed her right in. Telling the newspaper about the attack Beauregard said, “It got all dark, like it was nighttime there were so many bees. We were trying stand up in the water but every time we stuck our heads out for air, they would cover us and start stinging us. We were trying to breathe and they were stinging us in the face and in the nose.” After jumping in the pool, she escaped to the house, and the bees crashed into the windows. The swarm also left five of their hens deaed. It seems like it’s out of a movie scene the way this bee attack took place. Source

25,000 Thousand Dead Bees Found Where???

Portland-area bee experts with the Xerces. Society for Invertebrate Conservation estimate at least 25,000 bumble bees have died in a parking lot of an Oregon shopping center. The bees were clustered under dozens of linden trees. Hit the Jump.

NBA: Kobe Bryant Is Only Afraid Of ONE Thing!

Even if you’re not a Kobe Bryant fan, most NBA fans are intrigued by him because of what he’s accomplished.  He’s the Black Mamba, nothing scares him right? Riiight?  Wrong.  During an interview yesterday, he named the one thing he’s afraid of.   So what’s his one weakness?!  Check it out after the jump… GameTimeGirl

New Species Of Bees Live Off Sweat And Don’t Sting

A new species of bees that live off of sweat and do not sting will be buzzing around New York. Although the bees are found in North America, the largest population of them are found to be nesting in New York. The bees are the size of a sesame seed and will just lick sweat off of a person and keep it moving. Read more below. Julie1205

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