(Audio) Mayor de Blasio Talks To Hot 97 About Stop & Frisk, Pedestrian Deaths & Weed Law Plans To Come

Great responses mayor! Mayor Bill de Blasio phones on over to Hot 97 and dropped some serious planning for the near-future in New York. The mayor is looking forward to assisting the NYPD and Bill Branton with channeling their stop & frisk efforts to less innocent folk and more on the criminals. “In 2011 when stops when up to 700,000, a sounding number, according to police statistics almost 90% of all those stops were innocent in every way shape or form,” says the Mayor. “Take all that time and energy and focus it on actual criminals…the innocent folks, the hard-working folks who were stopped regularly, that’s got to end,” he adds. de Blasio is working hard! He also details implementations for weed laws, minimum wage, pedestrian deaths and more. Have a listen down below.

NYC Mayor Gets Heavy Criticism After Violating Pizza Eating Etiquette

Mayor Bill De Blasio has allegedly made his first violation as mayor! NYC’s newly elected Mayor, was pictured eating a slice with none other than his bare… fork and knife! Since the picture has gone viral, the Mayor has received quite some criticism from some of NY’s residents; hit the jump for more!

(Video) Mayor Elect Bill De Blasio Talks About New Home At Gracie Mansion!

Mayor elect Bill De Blasio recently opened up about his new home at Gracie Mansion, leaving his beloved Brooklyn, and his family adjusting to their new life. To see the video, click below.

Bill Bratton To Lead NYPD Again, According To Bill De Blasio’s Campaign Officials

New commissioner on the way! According to two of mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s campaign officials, Bill Bratton is being named to lead the NYPD. Bratton, who had the position between 1994-1996, along with de Blasio is looking to drop crime rates and build a counter-terrorism program for the Big Apple. Prior to Bratton taking the chair in the 90s, murder numbers were 1,946 citywide. By the time his stint ended, numbers looked like 983, the first time it had dipped under 1,000 since 1968, so you could see why they’re trying to bring the man back. Will he succeed? It has been more than 15 years.

Congratulations! Bill De Blasio Has Been Elected As New York’s Official Mayor!

New Yorkers hit the voting booths all over the five boroughs and have elected their new mayor, Democratic nominee Bill de Blasio! He will be taking over for Republican Michael Bloomberg who served three consecutive terms as the mayor of New York. Congratulations to de Blasio, his whole campaign team, and his beautiful family on the win! Check out some pics of New York’s newest elected mayor in the gallery!

(Video) Russell Simmons Chooses His Endorsement For NYC Mayor

Russell Simmons has officially endorsed Bill de Blasio for mayor, choosing him over openly gay candidate Christine Quinn, and African-American candidate William Thompson. “I love the idea of a gay woman as mayor, but she’s been bought and managed by special interests,” he said of the former. Of the ladder: “I don’t want a candidate who is too quiet. I want a candidate who is not afraid to offend a few people to support what he thinks is right.” Simmons said de Blasio’s call to reform the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk tactic was what really hooked him. “I know a lot of people who have been stopped and frisked,” said Simmons. “If they get an arrest record, it can ruin their lives.”

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