War Of The Women: Nene Leakes Calls Wendy Williams OUT – & Her, “WIG” Too!

The claws are drawn! Nene Leakes and talk show host, Wendy Williams are known to be very expressive in their feelings and this time is no different. For Wendy Williams’ Question of the Day, she asked followers: What do you think of Nene Leakes? While Wendy was looking for fans to answer, Nene decided to chime in and let homegirl known that she should be watching her back – her job may get stolen. Cat fight! Hit the jump to see what else Nene spewed out.

Clint Eastwood’s Daughter Lit A Birkin Bag On Fire!

Clint Eastwood’s daughter burns a 6 figure bag on fire , for fun!!!! Hit the jump to see how much it costs and what the bag looked like. Hit the jump! Steph Bassanini

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