(Video) Family Of Man Killed By Cops In Walmart Sues

The news and net’s been buzzing today as the Family Of Man Killed By Cops In Walmart Sues Ohio police and the corporation for a reported $75,000. More than that, footage has been circling of the police interrogation of Tasha Thomas, the then girlfriend of John Crawford who was shot and killed in the mega-store for allegedly picking up and waving a toy gun that had been out of its package and on its shelf for two days. The video shows a very aggressive approach taken and Tasha almost crumbling over what was a 90-minute round of hard hitting if-and-when questioning. As the momentum of #BlackLivesMatter is coasting this just adds fuel to every fire…but what EXACTLY’s going on here?

(Video) Ferguson Protestors Blast Al Sharpton for DC March

Ferguson Protestors Blast Al Sharpton for DC March, While #MillionsMarchNYC successfully brought over 50,000 protestors together for Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter movement this weekend, little word came out of the Washington DC march that happened on the same day, until now. Ferguson Protestors Blast Al Sharpton and his National Action Network (NAN), the face and organizers of the DC march, after they reportedly cut off the mics while Ferguson youth who’ve been leading the protests “from the beginning” were speaking. Twitter immediately blew up, going on to cite more DC march incidents including a questionable “VIP” section at the march, as well as the problem of “leaders” in what’s now a new generation of resistance.

(Photos/Video) Update: Protests Continue As ‘Millions March NYC’ Rally Is Held In Manhattan!

Millions March NYC, Many still in shock and disbelief are looking for ways to continue the fight against authority getting away with taking away the lives of unarmed black men. Today a protest entitled “Millions March NYC” was organized to continue the slew of peaceful protests that have taken over the city of NYC after the verdicts of Mike Brown and Eric Garner were revealed.. “He violated NYPD policy not to use a chokehold,” said Young, 30, of Harlem, an attorney and protest organizer who spoke to reporters before the march began. “There should be accountability.” The rally began at 2 p.m., and they marched up Fifth Avenue. Protesters were urged to write a phone number for the National Lawyers Guild on their arms in case they are wrongfully arrested. Check out the photos from the rally in the gallery.

Why RZA Thinks “The Value of a Man’s Life Has Been Totally Reduced”

  In the light of recent events RZA took the time out to sit down with Vanity Fair to reflect on the Mike Brown and Eric Garner verdicts. “I think we all—in America—have an identity crisis.” He even goes on to say that the value of a dog is more than the life of a black man. “It puzzles me that the brutal behavior inflicted by the men we look to serve and protect us does not affect the hearts of their community.” Check out the full interview after the jump.

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