BlackBerry 10 Road Map LEAKED!!!!

According to a leaked road map by @BB10leaks, it looks like BlackBerry is planning to release a tablet, similar to the iPad and two phablets, over the next few quarters of this year as well as first two quarters of next year. All of the devices will run on BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Netflix Not Making An App For BlackBerry 10

Netflix has no plans on developing an app for the new BlackBerry 10 OS. According to sources, the company has little incentive to develop for the platform and maintaining the app would outweigh any potential benefits gained from it. Blackberry will release the new smartphone operating system sometime this month in the US and reportedly hopes that Netflix will reconsider developing an app for the system.

Instagram Not Coming to Blackberry

  Just when you thought Blackberry would get a break with their newest device, they might have to take a step back. The word is Instagram will not be hitting the Blackberry platform, so if you planned on getting the device beware. However the company will have a port though Android, which will allow users to download the picture taking app for use. When their OS have more power on your platform you might have a problem and Blackberry may want to reevaluate things. Sources close to Instagram tell AllThingsD that a native version of the photo-sharing application is not headed to BlackBerry 10 — not anytime soon, at least. “There will be no [native] Instagram for BB10 for now,” said one. “Frankly, I’m not sure there will ever be.”The new Blackberry is currently on shelves.  

(Video) OK….Will This Feature On Blackberry 10 Save RIM???

There has been some interest peaked through the Camera feature, and I guess people haven’t been disgusted with the Digital Brickish design, So Maybe RIM has a shot at bouncing back, Prob not taking any type of lead like they had, BUT a bounce back into 3rd place would be a phenomenal feat for the once leading now defunct original smartphone…Ok hit the Jump to see the New Web Browsing feature on the Blackberry 10!!!! Tat Wza

Pictures Of New Blackberry 10 L-Series Device Leak

There has been a ton of hype regarding the new Blackberry devices set to drop early next year. Consumers are itching to see the new software in action, along with its bundle of new features. The Blackberry has been very similar for quite some time now; this will be their first major change. Lets hope its for the better… Hit the jump for pics. [Leaked photos, somewhat blurry] Tat Wza

(Video) Can This Amazing Camera Feature Make You Want A Blackberry????

Ok To be honest, I normally SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTED on Deadberrys, Brickberrys, Ok Ok Ok, Blackberrys, But this Camera feature is Pretty Awesome, and we recently posted some Leaked pics of the Blackberry 10 that surprisingly enough, you guys checked out, So now I wonder…..Can RIM Make a come back??? Tat Wza

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