(Photos) Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s Daughter Shows Off Her Phenomenal Post-Baby Body!

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is now a proud grandfather after his daughter gave birth to a baby boy on Christmas Eve. Georgina Bloomberg, 30, gave birth to her son Jasper. Jasper is former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s first and only grandchild. See photos below!

Uhh Oh! Mayor Bloomberg Say’s Minorities Should Be Stopped More ?!?!

We all know that numbers don’t lie, but Ray Kelly and Bloomberg think they do! Hit the jump for the full story.

(Photos)Really?! Food Stamp Numbers Rise Under Bloomberg’s Tenure!!!

Mayor Bloomberg is starting to get a little heat after a study was released, hit the jump for more!

State Judge Rejects NYC Sugary Drink Ban!

Mayor Bloomberg has spoken out about the possibly ban on Sugary drinks for New Yorkers. It turns out that the State Judge has rejected the ban completely, calling it “arbitrary and capricious”. It seems like everyone is relieved by this, especially businesses because they profit so much off of the sugary drinks.

If You Ever Need Money Call Mayor Bloomberg, He’s Giving It Away !!!!

Mayor Bloomberg made a major contribution to a top University, we talking MAJOR! Hit the Jump For the full story.

NY School Bus Strike Set For Wednesday- Could Harm Student’s Education And Safety!!

A school bus strike that is set for NY on Wednesday is reported to harm the education and the safety of up to 150,000 students. The strike could last for weeks and Mayor Bloomberg is extremely worried. Click below for more details. Melissa

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