(Video) Kanye West’s Former Body Guard Spills Major Tea

Kanye West’s former body guard claims him to be an uncontrollable Diva, and apparently watching over baby North is more tolerable than watching Kanye!

(Photo) Kid Ink Fan Does Not Accept Apology

Jut a few days ago, 18-year-old Junior Parriera took a mean sweep off stage at a Kid Ink concert. Perrier claims that he got really excited during the concert and ran on stage. Upon doing so he was pushed by one of Kid Ink’s security guards back into the crowd. Parriera is now demanding that he gets an apology from Kid for his public humiliation.

Rick Ross Responds To Rape Allegations After Woman Files Suit Against Him And His Agent

Rick Ross has been hit with a lawsuit filed by a woman who claims she was raped during the weekend of the Grammys after being drugged in Ross’ van. The woman referred to as Jane Doe does not believe that Ross raped her but wants him to be held responsible. According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe linked up with Ross and his crew at the W hotel in Los Angeles. They had plans to go to the marijuana convention Cannabis Cup. She says she got in the van with Rick Ross, his agent Thaddeus “Black” James, and several others. She claims shortly after having one drink with Ross and “Black” she became dizzy and passed out. The next thing she remembers is being waking up in the back of the van with Black and two hours had gone by. Afterwards she went back to the W with Black, she claims she woke up at 8AM noticed her clothes had been removed and she had been sexually assaulted. Jane Doe is pointing the finger at Black. However, she also names Rick Ross in the lawsuit because according to her Ross should have had a handle on his agent. Ross has made a statement regarding the situation. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

(PHOTO) NFL: Sexually Attacked?! OJ Simpson Hires Body Guard In Jail; Here’s How He Pays Him

Looks like OJ Simpson is tired of being taken advantage of in jail, so he’s taking measures into his own hands.  He’s hired himself a body guard.  He should have done this from the very beginning.  How is that possible you ask?!  Check it out…

(Photos) LMAO! Britney Spears Huge Body Guard Has Her Back…Literally

Britney Spears seems to have some top notch security because after seeing these pics, Brit’s body guard is bigger than her whole family! While vacationing in Hawaii with her boyfriend and two sons, B. Spears was spotted out and about…. with her HUGE bodyguard protecting all four of them. Remember her song “Overprotected?”… oh, the irony. Check out the seemingly hilarious pics in the gallery.

(PHOTO) Sports: One of 50 Cent’s Bodyguards Is A Famous Former Athlete

Well isn’t this interesting and surprising?!  I loved this guy when he used to fight!  Yesterday at CES it was discovered that one of 50 Cent’s bodyguards was a popular UFC fighter.  So this is what fighters do when they retire?!  Sounds like a good gig to me.  Check out who it was…

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