(Photo) Donald Trump Brags About The Recent NYC Bombings

Donald Trump never fails at being a jerk during hard times. He is now claiming that he should be a news caster because he predicted the recent NYC bombings.

(Video) Baghdad Bombing in Busy Shopping Area of Parada; Many Dead

Sadly late last night a bombing in Baghdad happened targeting the Karrada district were the citizens were celebrating Ramadan. Death total has risen to 125 people, including a dozen young children and 187 people wounded. This is the third massive attack carried out from ISIS supporters in the last few days. The extremists of ISIS or the Islamic State acclaimed responsibility saying the attack was for “shiite Muslims” even though the area that was first bombed was a mixed center for shopping and eating unlike a temple for praying. Many civilians that saw the attack went to social media to talk about the bombing.

Suicide Bombings in Damascus Suburb

Its reported that at least 13 people were wounded and about 20 were killed. Police told SANA that the first bombing happened in the entrance of the town.

(Photos) France Announces Retaliation: Airstrikes on ISIS

With the devastating attack on French soil that took place on Friday, France has refused to sit this one out and plans to pursue action against ISIS in an attempt to make them pay for the pain they’ve inflicted. So France has gon full throttle against the terrorist organization: French fighter jets bombed a series of ISIS sites in Raqqa, Syria, in what officials are describing as a major bombardment.

70+ Killed In Wave Of Baghdad Bombings

More than 70 people were killed in a wave of bombings in markets in Shi’ite neighborhoods across Baghdad on Monday in worsening sectarian violence in Iraq. “A driver hit another car and left pretending to bring traffic police. Another car rushed to take him away and right after his car exploded among people who had gathered to see what was happening,” said bystander Hassan Kadhim. “People were shouting for help and blood covered their faces.” Read more below.

While You Were Distracted By Boston, Congress Passed CISPA!

It seems like every time something huge in the news happens, congress passes something really important that we are unaware of. While our nation was distracted by what’s been going on in Boston and Texas, congress passed CISPA. CISPA is an act that allows big brother to spy on your internet use. Click below for more details.

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