(Video) Woman Addicted To Eating Bricks?

Woman Addicted To Eating Bricks. Of all things on this planet to be addicted to such as Funnel cakes, Doritos locos tacos, five guys burger or Oreo cookies and cream candy bar, this London woman chooses bricks.. Yes, actual building bricks. Click read more to check out the video.

CRAZY!? Did Gucci Mane Really Beat The Bricks Off Of A Memphis DJ ???

For now, these are only allegations. ALLEGEDLY, Gucci Mane was at the Yellow Rose in Memphis, TN last night when he heard one of his UNRELEASED tracks bumping through the speakers. Gucci and the team was not feeling that so they ALLEGEDLY beat the DJ until he had to be rush to the hospital and destroyed all of his equipment. I would hope that after talking to a middle school of children that Gucci would have at least a little bit more sense then that. Once Gucci comes clean or doesn’t, we’ll still fill you in. Drop down bottom for more.

(PHOTO) NBA: Word?! Kobe Takes Responsibility For Lakers Loss & Posts Pic That Says It All!!

Did you EVER think this day would come?!  I definitely didn’t, but happy to see a different side to Kobe.  Not only did Kobe take responsibility for the Lakers loss to the Raptors yesterday, but he took to his Twitter account to talk about it and even posted a picture of what’s been happening. Check it out… GameTimeGirl

Definition Of Flop: To Fall Or Lie Down Heavily And Noisily!!!

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