(PHOTO) Sports: Arian Foster Soon To Be Baby Mama Also Linked To NBA Player

By now most have heard about the mess Arian Foster has gotten himself into (if not, see here).  Arian has fired back at the woman named Brittany Norwood saying she just wants attention & fame.  Well the media did some digging (as they always do) and apparently she’s been linked to an NBA player before Arian.  What does this mean?  It could mean nothing at all, but to some it could mean she’s a gold digger.  I’m not here to judge, so I’ll leave it up to you guys…

(18+*Photo & Video) Brittany Renner Shows Us How ‘Hard’ Work Pays Off!!!

This woman is Sexy, but the sexiest thing about her….her work ethic!! Brittany is in great shape, physically and actual shape, but she works damn F’n hard to maintain that, which means if you’re a young lady looking to get in your perfect shape, it only takes hard work!!

THIS Rapper Is Getting Ready To Do His Own Reality Show!

Talk about FAST…Speedy Gonzales fast! This rapper had about a 2-year hiatus, but looks like that time hasn’t stopped any of his future goals. Linking back up with old friends isn’t the only thing he’s been up to, but he’s even in the process of starring in his own reality show. Hit the jump to check out who the guy is…

Fellas Check The Pics!! More Pics Leak From @GLEEonFOX Star Heather Morris’ Cell Phone!!!

Earlier this evening, personal nude photos of Glee star Heather Morris leaked onto the net… and now we got our hands on some more! Naughty girl. Check them out after the jump!! @DJTech4

Fellas Check The Pics!! *NSFW…Must Be Over 18* Heather Morris of Glee’s Cell Phone Hacked, Nude Pics Leaked!!!

Not that innocent: Following in her Hollywood peers’ footsteps, Glee star Heather Morris’ cell phone was hacked and now nude photos have been leaked. Check out the very NSFW pics after the jump!! @DJTech4

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