NBA: Lebron Defends His Friend Chris Paul From All The Steph Curry Jokes

Lebron is being a little too serious about this. I realize the internet has gone crazy with meme’s and jokes since Steph Curry embarrassed Chris Paul with that mean behind the back crossover, but it is all in good fun. Bron, who is one of CP3’s best friends felt the need to step up and defend his boy, but he made sense with what he was saying.

(Video) NBA: OMG! JR Smith Destroys Brandon Knight’s Ankles Something Terrible!

Poor Brandon Knight, how can you not feel bad for this guy? He has been on the wrong end of way too many posterizing type plays in his career. DeAndre Jordan dunked all over him, Kyrie embarrassed him among others and now JR Smith just made him look up at the ceiling after putting him flat on his back! To top it off, JR hit an open Kevin Love for the three pointer to complete the play. One of these days, a highlight play will finally go Knight’s way.

(Video) NBA: James Harden Almost Crosses Knicks Pablo Prigioni Out Of MSG!

Sheesh! James Harden made Pablo Prigioni look his age last night when he hit him with a crossover that made Pablo look like he was on skates. Harden made the jumper as well to add insult to injury but in Pablo’s defense, he really had no chance in hell at stopping someone with the skills and speed of Harden.

(Video) NBA: James Harden Has Matt Barnes Looking Crazy With This Crossover

Matt Barnes is known for being a “defensive stopper” but he couldn’t stop himself from getting his ankles broken courtesy of James Harden. Barnes was out there looking crazy after Harden hit him with a crossover and stutter step and appeared as if he had Barnes on a string. Not too mention it is always worse when you get embarrassed and the guy hits the shot as Harden did in this case.

(Video) NBA: Call The Doctor!! Kyrie Irving Breaks Another Pair Of Ankles With Crossover!

This is up for debate, but Kyrie Irving might have the best handle in the NBA. The number of broken ankles and hurt feelings courtesy of his crossover are starting to pile up. His latest victim was Jeff Teague of the Hawks last night. No disrespect to Teague because he had a monster game and hit the game winning jumper at the buzzer, but he will be on Kyrie’s highlight tape for years to come. Hit the jump for it.

(Video) DAMN! Daughter Breaks BOTH Ankles For Trying To Do WHAT!?

Meet Nicole Easton, Like a lot of red-blooded American kids, she likes to spend her summers trying to jump from the roof of her house into a swimming pool. And, also like a lot of red-blooded American kids, she does not think the danger involved is serious until she’s ass-down on the cement with a pair of broken feet OUCH! Hit the jump for more………

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