Empire State Building Darkens In Sympathy For Paris; New York City Lights Up With French Colors

New York’s Empire State Building darkened it’s light Friday and Saturday evening in lieu of the terror attacks in Paris, the World’s Trade Center is displaying the French’s blue, white and red colors, and Washington Square Park is hovering in colors on an arch walkthrough. Pictures and story after the jump.

(Video + Photos) Deadly Building Collapses in Midtown New York City

One construction worker is dead on Friday and another seriously injured due to a collapsed building in midtown New York City. Read the full story here.

Zaqistan: New York Man Is Building His Own Country

Starting off small. In 2015, a citizen of the United States of America has decided to start his own “republic”. Details after the jump.

(Photos) Three Injured After Four-Story Building Collapses In Brooklyn!!

Several citizens in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn are recovering after a four-story building nearly crushed them. With the building vacant for quite some time, requests to have the residential/commercial structure demolish were neglected until it came tumbling down earlier this afternoon. Find out how the building collapsed after the jump!

(Photos) A Petition To Remove The Confederate Flag From The South Carolina State House Has Been Started!

I believe many would agree that the Confederate Flag should not be housed on a government building in 2015 and probably should have been removed years ago. After the events that took place in Charleston this week, a petition has been started to remove the Confederate Flag from the State House.

(Photos) Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Building Massive Playground Palace For North West?!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are building a massive playground palace for North West in the backyard of their new $20 million dollar home. Read more on the story below!

(Video) Caught On Tape: The Moment The Buildings In Harlem Exploded

This was one of the craziest moments in NYC, 2 buildings in Harlem exploded out of no where, we now know it was natural gas, but it left several people dead, and even more injured. We all really wondered what that possibly looked like, well they’ve found security tape from across the street showing exactly what happened that moment.

(Graphic) After Receiving Plastic Surgery, Woman Strips And Jumps To Her Death From A Beverly Hills Building!!

According to reports, 53-year-old Sandra D’Auriol allegedly snapped after waking from her plastic surgery. It went down (no pun intended) on January 22nd, where D’Auriol, who once worked for a jewelry company that supplies the royal family, underwent a face lift procedure performed by sought-after surgeon Brian Novak. So far, investigators believe that she may have had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. Either way, you can see her pacing the rooftop of the 15-story building after the jump.

(Photos) Uh-Oh! Builders Of 47-Foot Skyscraper Forget THIS!!!

Spain was on it’s way. They had a 47-foot skyscraper being built which would include homes for the likes of the wealthy from both Spain and abroad. With it’s initial blueprint, it was titled “an unquestionable standard for the future.” However, it was revealed that the initial funds to develop the luxury estate were from “bad banks” now defunct, but despite the slight hurdle, in haste, they were still able to build. Check out what was left out after the jump.

(Video) Bus Cam Captures Philly’s Deadly Building Collapse!!!

Recently, the tragic collapse of Philly’s Salvation Army Store has sent two men to jail and set the standard for building regulations. The tragedy occurred in June. It was noted that the operators of the machinery were heavily intoxicated by either drugs or alcohol, and the contractors had even received numerous e-mails regarding the condition of the building’s structure prior to the date of destruction. But, what has finally been made public is the dash cam footage from a SEPTA bus recording the actual collapse. Check it out below.

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